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Letters from the Front



Rainbow Six Siege’s maps are quite unlike those of Battlefield’s or Call of Duty’s. The action here takes place entirely within small corridors and narrow rooms. Space is tight and engagements tend to take place in close quarters. Health doesn’t regenerate and you have one life per round, it’s hardcore and that’s what I like about it. But What’s it like to play Alone in Rainbow Six: Siege?

I get it that it’s just a closed beta but there’s no-one to play with, the matchmaking is a bit faulty and the servers are a bit faulty as well. I love this videogame, I love it as I’m a huge Tom Clancy fan but this just kills it to me for this beta. Unlike Call of Duty’s multiplayer beta that just wrapped up or Battlefield 4’s beta that wrapped up two years ago, this beta kinda sucks due to the servers and nobody really plays it.

Sledge and Character Customization.

Sledge and Character Customization.

Playing alone in Rainbow Six: Siege Beta is pretty depressing, you wait and wait for a server to come to you and put you into the game or put you into the pre-game setup. I wonder what will it be for the actual release of Rainbow Six: Siege coming December 1st, I wonder will it have the same fate as Titanfall where for the first few months, people played and later, the servers were a bit empty. I hope it has enough content for me to play for the actual release outside of Terrorhunt and Multiplayer, now since it doesn’t have a singleplayer campaign.



You can sign up now for the multiplayer beta which runs to October 4th, and you can pick up Rainbow Six: Siege on December 1st. Playing alone sucks, anyways I love and hate the beta. Check it out now.

2 comments on “What’s it like to play Alone in Rainbow Six: Siege Beta

  1. Cohen says:

    I think I played a previous Rainbow Six game with a friend It was fricking hard!!
    This new one does look interesting though

    1. sspectres says:

      Which one was it? The new Rainbow Six looks and plays very well!

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