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Letters from the Front


T2 Interactive.


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Red Dead 3? Grand Theft Auto V Story Content? Is it the re-reveal of AGENT? The next BioShock? Or something else entirely, it’s all possible now that Take-2 has announced that they will be at E3 2016, in a “big way” according to the Interview at MCV with Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-2.

2016 is going to be a huge year for Take-Two, we know Take-2 is going to have a good year with Mafia III and Battleborn. While these, especially Mafia III is going to be a good videogame, this has me wondering why are they attending this year’s E3. It’s going to be huge, and what secrets does Take-2 have up their sleeve, let’s analyze.




Mr. Marston.


Big picture time, folks: We haven’t heard from Rockstar since 2013 outside of the Online component of Grand Theft Auto V. We haven’t heard from them in a while, and I’m sure they’re doing another videogame set for this year or next. We’ve seen rumors of Story DLC revolving around Grand Theft Auto, who wouldn’t want  another dose of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. But the big question is: The sequel to Red Dead Redemption or as I call it Red Dead 3.

Another possibility is Red Dead 3, the sequel to Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Revolver. There has been leaks of Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One in the form of Backwards Comp-ability, so is this their way of saying; Is Red Dead 3 going to be announced this year?

As we know, it’s about the right time for another Red Dead title, seeing as Red Dead Redemption released in 2010 and Grand Theft Auto V released in 2013, this seems to be the right track for the next Red Dead. The big question is; is it ready to be announced and what year is it coming out? Will Rockstar copy Bethesda, just drop the trailer, do a blowout at E3 and release it this year or will we need to wait until 2017. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V dropped in 2011 ( I think.) and released in 2013. So, is it time?



The Original BioShock (2007.)



The next big question is the next BioShock; BioShock Infinite released three years ago, so we’re bound to get some news now about the next one as CEO Strauss Zelnick said BioShock is a permanent franchise, stating that it’s here to stay.

This is very interesting, what do you make of Take-2’s Presence at E3, do you think they will have a conference like Bethesda or just go on stage during Microsoft’s or Sony’s conference, sound off below!


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