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Letters from the Front

redemption 2009

Mr. Marston to you.


The main question on my mind, because E3 is coming, in a few months now, we will know the truth is where the hell is the next Red Dead. That’s on every gamer’s mind, where is Red Dead 3? Will it ever come out? Is Rockstar working on it, they have to be, right? Where is Red Dead 3?

The next Red Dead has achieved what Half-Life 3 and to an extent Fallout 4 , both achieved this almost myth-like status where everybody questions or questioned will it ever come out? Will it be in our hands, soon? Will we need to wait another year or two so we just get a teaser?

Red Dead 2010

We’re a long way from home.


Now since Take-2 Interactive will be at E3 this year in a “big” way, we have to think about what exactly will be shown if they choose to show any games from Rockstar portfolio? Is it the long-awaited re-reveal of AGENT? Is it the next Red Dead? Is it a current-gen sequel to Bully? Or will Take-2 just show what 2K has in store? Which I’m sure they will, but since Take-2 owns Rockstar then I hope they show something from their line-up as well.

I hope Red Dead 3 will be shown at E3 for our sake and to get us to be excited, because Red Dead Redemption was a very good western and it took almost a while for us to get Red Dead 2, or just known as Red Dead Redemption.


The Legend of Mr. Marston.


Red Dead Redemption was a great western, one for the ages and definitely one great game. It would be shame that we would need to wait 10 years or so for the sequel, much like how we waited for a while since Revolver came out in 2004.

How long would we need to wait for another Red Dead? How long would you wait before you say “Eh, it’s never coming out.” , sound off in the comments. Do you think the next Red Dead will be shown in detail at E3?



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