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Letters from the Front


Gotta be that Rock and Roll music.


The Mafia games has always had me excited, the first two were extremely well-made, especially Mafia II. Mafia II, I felt like it was a complete step-up from the original and offered a really good story, one that felt like Goodfellas then The Godfather, Mafia II is really one of my favorite games of all time.

Mafia III looks to be the same; hopefully a good story, a character that  will serve revenge on a dish best served cold, and it looks to be tremendously fun. The Mafia games were always fun and offered a good story, and I always liked them.




The teaser trailer for Mafia III and the gameplay shows how much Hanger 13 is willing to go when it comes to “hyping up” the return of the infamous crime series after patiently waiting almost 6 years for it and it’s all about dismantling the Mafia from the outside in the late 1960s.

Our protagonist, Lincoln Clay returns home from fighting in Vietnam in the year of 1968, which was a turbulent time in history. Lincoln returns home to find disaster and he does something about that.

Also while you’re doing this, you get three lieutenants who back you up and can offer assistance, and one named Vito Scaletta who you may remember as the protagonist of Mafia II.


The Gang is all here.


The return of Vito has me excited, because we’re finally going to know what happened to his best friend, Joe after that cliffhanger at the end of Mafia II. Hopefully, he’s alive and well and one other reason is because it sounds really promising and it is confident.




Also one more exciting thing is the world and setting; and I’m a sucker for atmosphere and atmospheric games. New Orleans looks to be extremely detailed and looks to be a rich world to explore and just take a hike around the block and enter the nightclubs, something that Mafia II couldn’t because most of the world was just empty.

Here’s hoping Mafia III plays as excitingly as the rest of it sounds. Mafia III is out this year on current-generation platforms.


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