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Letters from the Front




Fallout 4’s First Expansion is pretty good and pretty meaty, there I’ve said it despite my worries that I wouldn’t like it or I would find out that it wouldn’t have a story.

This is an unexpected  as I first heard  of the  details  about the Expansions, I thought ” Eh, Boring, OOOOO. Not Interested, Not Interested, INTERESTED!”  What does Automatron have? Building Robots, Robots fighting alongside you, and a interesting story to boot. All of this comes out to be a chunky piece of meat.

As due to that result of me being interested, I didn’t find Automatron to be that compelling in terms of Fallout’s DLC, providing that most of Fallout’s DLC, especially Fallout 3’s were pretty compelling. Nonetheless, Automatron is interesting and is worth your time if you’re looking for a reason to return to the Commonwealth.


The Mechanist awaits!


Automatron starts out with a distress signal coming out of Watts Electronics, when you head there and face the many robots, you’re greeted with a new companion, Ada. Complete her first set of instructions, Ada will grant you with a Robot Workbench so you can craft Robots to your hearts desire.

Ada is not as interesting as another robot you’ll meet later on ( Won’t Spoil.) , and her thunder is taken away by said robot,  and what you find it’s pretty funny and amusing.


Robots comes in many shapes and sizes.


The Robot Crafting System is pretty neat and is a time-killer, which is good because you can craft all kinds of robots if you have enough parts. It does require a heavy amount of skills and the variation between the robots is pretty grand.

Pleasingly, the enemies you face in Automatron is all different kinds of robots and they’re hard as hell to defeat. This makes the gameplay really fun and interesting. I encourage you to use the Combat Rifle or the Automatic Combat Rifle to defeat the larger ones, and to use V.A.T.S alot.

Assaultrons and Sentry Bots as always been a pain in the butt, and that is expanded on here. Taking a companion and positioning is key here and of course the choice of weapons that you carry in your Pip-Boy. Things can get very hairy and frustrating if you don’t have enough aid or you don’t have the right weapon. There’s a Boss battle at the very end, and it’s painfully frustrating if you don’t have enough Ammo or Weapons or Aid. It took me all of my strength to get out of there alive. You should not go to the final boss unless you have alot of Ammo, Alot of Weapons, and enough Aid to last you.




If that wasn’t enough Meat on the plate, there is a ton of new gear and equipment– the handy Tesla Rifle which fires electricity to zap your foes, new gear like the Tesla power armor, Rust Devil Gear, collectible figures and much more. Automatron offers fresh and new ideas and refreshes the formula to make your travelling across Boston and the surrounding area to be interesting again!

Automatron isn’t very long, it’s probably 3 or 4 hours long just for the story alone. The story content can be knocked out and there’s only a few new locations to explore but nonetheless it’s pretty good and chunky.

Automatron gives me hope in the Season Pass / Expansions, knowing that Far Harbor is on the way could be the meatiest of the first half of the Expansions, I’m hoping after Far Harbor there is more big story expansions that take you to other parts of the United States, but Automatron is a return to the wackiness and strange gameplay and lore that Fallout has always been known for.

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