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Letters from the Front

Red Dead 2010

It’s a Long Road Home. 


Now that Take-2 Interactive is going to show up at E3 2016 in a ” big way”  and will show up in one form or another, and now that rumors are pointing that Rockstar North is developing the next GTA and that at one point, Rockstar decided to place a GTA title in Tokyo but scrapped it, this sparked my imagination: If there is a Red Dead 3 and I’m assuming there is, where would you want it to take place in?

Red Dead Revolver took place in the Wild West of the 1880’s and Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Revolver took place in 1911 to 1914 in the Dying West, where would you want the 3rd installment to take place in?


Welcome to the West. 


I’ve always thought that Red Dead 3 would benefit another return to the 1880’s or a stand-alone title from Redemption that takes place in 1900, 11 years before Redemption but doesn’t relate to Redemption or I always thought that Harlow could return after Revolver.

I’m really hoping that if Rockstar is indeed at E3, hypothetically if they are, I would hope they  would announce Red Dead 3. Where would  you like to see Red Dead 3 take place in, would you like a return to the past or move forward in the present; a 1920s Prohibition Red Dead game? Sound off in the comments!

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