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Letters from the Front


Rockstar’s AGENT.


I realize that we’re two months away from E3 2016, our Christmas, our Super Bowl, but the show itself and it’s surprises has been on my mind since last year and definitely now that Take-2  and Bethesda Softworks will be there once again and Take-2 will be there for the first time.

First of all, these predictions are my own and the things I want to see and the articles that I’ve read in gaming websites. So, here we go.




As most of us are aware, Bethesda will be hosting it’s second conference since the Fallout 4 blowout, let’s take a look at what we’ll see, maybe.

This year, it looks like Dishonored 2 will be the big blowout unless Bethesda Game Studios ( Fallout, Elder Scrolls.) has a surprise in store for us. I’m thinking it will be a new project that’s almost done; the supposedly space game that will use the brand new engine that will replace the Creation Engine known as The Void Engine. Supposedly, the game will be a space RPG; let’s see if this comes out to be true.


T2 Interactive.


Rockstar Games / Take-2 Interactive have been quiet since the release of Grand Theft Auto V , Take-2 Interactive published plenty of games since then; the 2K Games, Mafia III is set to release this year, XCOM 2, etc. But everybody wants to know what is Rockstar Games working on, what are they doing? Will they appear at E3 for the first time since they don’t ever show up at E3. Will it be Bully 2, Red Dead 3,  L.A Noire 2, Manhunt 3, the next Midnight Club or AGENT. 

Red Dead: Redemption released in May of 2010,  6 years ago. Next month it will turn 7, I believe it is time to reveal the next Red Dead and announce it for this year and drop it just like Fallout 4 because I believe Red Dead 3 can benefit of such a reveal like that. Let’s see if it’s true, or maybe they will announce Bully 2 or AGENT.

If Rockstar does show up, I suspect that they will want to re-reveal AGENT and announce a date for it, and also show off Red Dead 3. Here’s hoping AGENT is finally released and Red Dead 3 is out this year.

On the 2k side, BioShock has been quiet as of late. It’s time for BioShock to reappear and hopefully it will return to Rapture directly after the ending of BioShock 2 in 2010.



Mafia III.


Okay, here are some of my longshots;

 Red Dead 3

Bully 2


BioShock 4 ( or 3, whatever.)

BGS’s New IP

The Elder Scrolls VI

redemption 2009

The Outlaw.


With that being said; you have my predictions for E3 2016 and my hopes for this year’s conference.

What are your thoughts on E3 2016? What would you want to see from this year’s conference? Sound off in the comments!















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