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Letters from the Front




Welcome to Rapture.


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Spoilers for BioShock; Semi-Spoilers for BioShock Infinite. 

In my opinion, there is no other game today that rivals the Original BioShock and no other game has revolutionized modern gaming like the way BioShock did, to an extent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare revolutionized FPS’s but BioShock changed the way, games tell stories and changed single-player only games forever. Even today, we still feel the effects of the Original BioShock in today’s gaming world.

BioShock will turn 9 this year come August, in 2017, BioShock will turn a decade year old. Gaming has come a far way since we first dove head first into the murky waters of the Atlantic to the submerged wonder that is Rapture.


Rapture can be your city as well.


BioShock is truly cinematic, the twist in the middle of the story is genius. No-one saw it coming, it sort of happened in the moment. When you stepped into Hephaestus Core, you had no idea the twist would come and then you would be shocked at what would occur and then still, you wouldn’t know what was going on around you until the beginning of Olympus Heights but still you were in that trance of “What the fuck just happened?”

That piece of writing and BioShock’s overall narrative transcends the medium, it’s a terrific piece of fiction and a terrific narrative. BioShock Infinite’s narrative and writing could possibly overpass BioShock because of that “what the fuck just happened” emotional resonance and confusion at the end of Infinite. BioShock Infinite’s ending gives you a one-two punch and another punch square in the face for that confusion at the end of the game. BioShock Infinite tells you to turn a cheek until the end, there’s alot of going on in the Alternate Timelines of BioShock Infinite, it’s a good plot point.


Somewhere Beyond the Sea…



When I think of the Original BioShock, I think of that piece of writing and that plot twist and of course the Original BioShock transcends the medium: Not just for the story but also for the world-building and the sense of being in that destroyed utopia. I believe two of the greatest moments in the Original BioShock is when you descend into Rapture and Andrew Ryan is telling you, his now deceased vision of Rapture and the plot twist in the middle of the game.

BioShock is a game that transcends the medium of the gaming space, now and in the late ‘2000s and when I first think of BioShock; I think of that brilliant good writing and that moment in the Bathysphere. In my opinion, BioShock gave gaming it’s turning point and it’s turning around moment that games can be art.




14 comments on “BioShock: The Greatest Plot-Twist?

  1. Bioshock is definitely one of my top games ever. I need to replay it sometime.

    1. Physics says:

      I need to replay it as well, over the years I’ve replayed it but lately I haven’t really replayed it. It is number one on my list of my top games ever and of all time. It’s more then a good game.

      1. I know what you mean. Kinda half-heartedly playing.

      2. Physics says:

        Indeed. I dabbled in it for a few hours last week but didn’t really feel like going through it for the maybe 100th time.

      3. Yeah that’s how I am with the Mass Effect series…

      4. Physics says:

        Oh, really? You never got into the ME Saga?

      5. Oh no sorry. I love the ME series. It’s one of those that I’ve played through over a dozen times. That was what I meant.

      6. Physics says:

        Oh okay, yeah. Sorry for misunderstanding, I’ve only played the saga once but the games as separate identity? I’ve played Mass Effect 2 maybe four or five times. I love Mass Effect 2.

      7. No worries!

        I think I played through the first one about ten times. Two was about six times. Three only twice.

        When Mass Effect 2 came out, I played a new character through ME1. When ME3 released, I played through ME1 and ME2 before touching ME3.

        I have a strong need for continuity I guess.

      8. Physics says:

        Yeah, me too. I played through the first two with my character from the first and he died in Mass Effect 2, at the end. So I started a new Shepard for 3, and she died. Ever since then, I went through it once to not tarnish the memory of playing it once because I think of it as a film trilogy. You can watch it once in my view and you have that memory in your head. ( I dunno? Sorry if I went off-topic.)

        So, is the Original Mass Effect your favorite ME out of the saga?

      9. No I get it actually. I tend to replay all of the games I own a few times at least. My favorite part of the series was seeing the changes. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about Quantum Break. The changes are drastic.

        I would say that ME1 was my absolute favorite. I liked the RPG aspects and while I enjoyed the others (with some parts being notable exceptions), they never really stacked up in my mind.

        ME2 felt too dumbed down compared to the first. ME3 just felt hollow. I loved all three, and the series holds a special place in my heart, but the first Mass Effect is definitely my favorite.

      10. Physics says:

        I guess I can see that, I also felt the same way about 3. It felt really hollow and wasn’t “there” like the first two, indeed the saga holds a special place in my heart alongside the “Essential” videogames that I’ve or We’ve played through the years. For me, it’s Mass Effect 2 that I love the most and I know most people say that 2 is their favorite.

      11. ME2 had a lot more exposure considering that the original was a 360 exclusive until it released on PC.

      12. Physics says:

        Yes, that is true.

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