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Letters from the Front


Welcome to Los Santos.

Ever since GTA V released 3 years back, I wondered what would I want next in the future installment of GTA. Ever since the release of GTA III released back in 2001, the next several GTA’s got better and better, and of course like everybody else, I want GTA VI to be even better. I came up with a few ideas.

A New Setting.



As much as I would like to revisit Vice City and Liberty City in the next GTA, I would love to see a new setting. Somewhere in the Midwest like in the opening of GTA V, but Fargo style in the snow in the 1970s. Imagine, driving the muscle cars of the era and rocking out to the radio tracks, it would be cool.

New Characters.


Franklin and Chop.

Every GTA comes with new characters and hints or easter eggs about the last batch of characters, so this is nothing new but also something new. I would love to play as someone singular again, instead of the three but I would be open to three again. Imagine playing someone with power and seeing that power affect the character, that would be cool. Something that we’ve never seen before or played as before would be cool, too.

Good Narrative.


Wheelie at Sunset.

From GTA III to Bully to Red Dead Redemption and GTA V , Rockstar’s games always had amazing storytelling and awesome narratives, so why not add another amazing story to that plethora of good narratives.

I wouldn’t know what the story would be because I’m bad at these things so I leave that up to you.


What would you want to see out of the next GTA, now that rumors are spreading that Rockstar North is developing the next GTA? Would you like to return to Liberty City, Vice City, or anywhere else? Sound off in the comments.

6 comments on “GTA: What’s Next?

  1. Mohan Magic says:

    Nice blog, I’m stil still hoping for a UK setting to follow on from the success of Getaway on the PS2. pr somewhere like Japan would be great to really shake up and freshen the franchise.

    1. Physics says:

      Indeed! I would love to return to London once again like in in the first GTA which released a while back. But I think the series is so rooted in America and most of the games make fun of our lifestyle and culture, that it’s hard to leave all that behind. It’s like saying Fallout should take place in Europe but yes, I would love that.

      1. Mohan Magic says:

        Yes that’s a very true point and if it was based on Britain it might not be as well recieved. Here’s hoping they will think if sometbing because you’ve already mentioend a good few ways. Keep it up!

      2. Physics says:

        Well the game is made in England, I found that out a few days. I always thought GTA was an American made game, the things you find out! I hope we return to the ’80s or some other time period, always liked the period-era GTA’s ( Vice City, San Andreas.) . I would love to see a 1970’s Liberty City in a future GTA or a 1960’s Vice City. Would be good, I think?

      3. Mohan Magic says:

        I never even knew that haha. I loved the Vice City Period in particular, I think a 1960’s period would be a good idea!

      4. Physics says:

        Yes! Me too, I never knew that as well. I would love to see a 1940’s GTA or a 1960’s one, would love to see how Rockstar tackles that.

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