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Letters from the Front


Hey, Sheriff!


2010’s Red Dead: Redemption is hands down one of Rockstar’s best narratives. That Government Boy, John Marston is a former outlaw and he makes a deal with the Federal Government for Amnesty if he brings in Bill Williamson, the leader of his former gang . The reason why I love Red Dead: Redemption so much is that it’s about a story about Redemption, Redeeming of one’s self and of course for John Marston, that doesn’t happen but later it turns into Revenge.

Unlike many of Rockstar’s protagonists, all of who are successful in one way or another. John Marston actually does something and wants to make things right for his family and for himself but ultimately fails to do so, but much like Max Payne and maybe to an extent, Cole Phelps, he is a tragic character and it is a tragedy ( in my eyes.)

Red Dead 2010

Long way from Home.


But what makes him different from Max Payne and Cole Phelps, the hard-boiled detective from L.A Noire, is that he wants to get out of his former lifestyle and live a quiet and peaceful life out on the frontier and wants to move away from the past, unlike Max whom can’t take a break and Cole Phelps who ends up dying for something that he almost won. You need to pay attention to John Marston and try to sympathize for him for all the pain that he caused when he was an Outlaw.

The gunfights in Red Dead: Redemption is one of the best aspects of the game itself, and feel very old-timey, what you would see in a classic Western game. Deadeye, combat on a horse and taking control of Gatling Guns, the era’s version of the Minigun feel very authentic with what you would see in a Western movie.

This is the exact reason why I and many people hold Rockstar in such a high regard and one of the top developers. GTA III, The Warriors, GTA: San Andreas, Bully, GTA: Vice City, Red Dead: Revolver, Red Dead: Redemption, GTA IV, and GTA V are all excellent games, it’s the gameplay and the setting that makes most of Rockstar’s games all legendary.


Marston. John Marston.


The setting of Red Dead: Redemption is one of the most intriguing parts of the game itself, unlike Red Dead: Revolver ( the first Red Dead.) , the game immerses you in the time of the West dying in the midst of Technological advancements like Gatling Guns, Trains, and Automobiles. The game takes place in 1911 and then later in 1914, and it does a good job of transporting you into this time frame.

Is Red Dead: Redemption, one of the greatest western games? Of course, naturally it is. It took place in what we would call, “The Beginning of Modern America.” and “The Death of the West.” , and this is why we need another Red Dead. I hope Rockstar gives us the sequel to one of the greatest hits of all time, one of these days.



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