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Letters from the Front


Dear Hearts and Gentle People.


To be quite honest, I never really messed with the Settlement building in Fallout 4, besides the one quest in the Main Quest, but Wasteland Workshop changes that to an extent. I enjoyed turning one of my settlements into a death arena. Wasteland Workshop includes some good stuff to mess with the citizens of the Commonwealth, although it is pretty simple, just like Hearthfire in Skyrim.

The new tools in the Workshop area make Fallout 4 a way better game and offers alot more robust. It’s amusing to build a mini arena and let anyone fight against a Deathclaw, you can capture animals or people and place them in the arena where they can fight to survive, imagine Mad Max’s Thunderdome, exactly like that. But often times, the charm of the expansion quickly wears off. I’ll explain why.




One of the reasons why I’m not fond of Wasteland Workshop, because capturing the creatures of the Commonwealth and Human enemies of the Commonwealth is that it really doesn’t do much for your character, some of it is just “there” just to be there if you want to mess with it. But although, Monster cages are pretty cool to build and set up, but the process of putting down a generator and hooking it up to the cage is pretty cumbersome. It’s expensive to build, so you need alot of resources and once you build, capturing an Deathclaw or a Mole rat isn’t interesting, all you gotta do is sit around and wait.

Another reason is that it doesn’t allow you to control the animal or person the way you want, I would love if a Deathclaw became my ally and came with me on my travels just like Goris in Fallout 2? They can also protect a settlement.




Wasteland Workshop has a ton of positive things going for it, like Fusion Generator to power up your Power Armor, neon lighting to light up the Commonwealth sky. Wasteland Workshop is for the creative in you and the artist in you but there isn’t alot of systems and rewards to keep you building.

Wasteland Workshop adds some new things to make each of your settlements better, but the additions didn’t make me want to build more and I quickly got bored with Wasteland Workshop, maybe Settlement building isn’t just for me. The traps and cages are pretty good to put down but often times they are not fully fleshed out. If you enjoy the building aspect of Fallout 4, Wasteland Workshop is for you.

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