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Letters from the Front



Horror at it’s finest.


So far, DOOM is everything that it should be and even more after being dormant since DOOM 3 in 2004, an amazing singleplayer that it’s you and a bunch of enemies that we’ve come to known in the original DOOM trilogy ( DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM III.) and limited ammunition that is required to end every single demon on Mars as you try to contain the outbreak on the UAC. It’s really fun and enjoyable, it’s definitely the return of DOOM now built for modern day.

First Impressions: DOOM is everything what DOOM should be and it strikes all  the musical notes. The UAC runs red with blood as demons appear and you wake up ready to fight as the DOOM Marine, a mute character that is built to kill everything and Glory kill everything, the Glory Kill movement is amazing. The Glory Kill is when you stagger your enemy and finish him off brutally, this Glory Kill mechanic can be repetitive but it doesn’t matter because it looks so badass.  This mechanic is from the Brutal DOOM Mod, id Software incorporates the Glory Kill movement wisely as you keep moving and there’s no time to stop. When you execute an enemy, they will drop health packs, these pickups are critical to your survival because there is no time to stop and there is no regenerating health, it works differently then in Wolfenstein: The New Order.




The outbreak on Mars and the UAC is bad news for everybody on the station and is the worst kind of business deal ever made. Humanity tried to exploit Hell for the survival of Earth, rob Hell’s energy to benefit Humanity. So far, the Story is fine. I hope it picks up later but that really doesn’t matter because DOOM is DOOM, and DOOM is known for being brutally fun and engaging. So far, it hits that. The Shooting mechanics depends on what type of weapons you use like the Super Shotgun or the Plasma Rifle or even the Gauss Cannon. Nonetheless, the shooting mechanics are tight as hell which I like.

DOOM is definitely old-school much like the recent reboot of Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: The New Order and that is definitely good. The boss fights are different now then what came before, in order to defeat them you have to figure out their attacks. Blasting them in the face and strafing around in circles won’t be of much help. I won’t spoil the Boss fights but compared to the Boss fights of modern day FPS’s, the Boss fights in DOOM feel good and feels satisfying and you feel like a champion when you defeat them.



I haven’t tried the Competitive side yet, I will delve into the Competitive side after I wrap up the Single Player. So far, DOOM’s single player is everything that I expected out of a reboot of DOOM.

DOOM is brutally fun and engaging, and old school. I can’t help comparing it to Wolfenstein: The New Order in the way it’s being handled and the way it’s played. Check out my review sometime in June.

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