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Letters from the Front


Far Harbor.


Truth be told, the place of Far Harbor which resides further up north in Maine isn’t a friendly place for visitors or strangers that come to their shores. The residents of Far Harbor don’t trust you, the Sole Survivor. If the people don’t kill you, it’s the radiation and  The Island’s creatures that will.

The reason for this first impressions is that Far Harbor isn’t your typical piece of DLC that lasts 4 to 5 hours, this is a 20 hour + experience and it’s going to take time for me to develop my review, thus the first impressions but it’s already growing on me. Let’s delve into it.


The Fog Crawler.


The adventure begins when you get a radio transmission about a new case and a girl has gone missing to the Island of Far Harbor which resides further north in the Commonwealth, once arriving to Far Harbor you quickly find out that something bigger then a missing girl is at play here, and you have find out what’s going on. That’s all I’m going to spoil about the main plot but the reason why Far Harbor has drawn to me is that it has emphasis on the mysterious and the emphasis on exploring a very large map, twice of Point Lookout and but not very large as compared to the Shivering Isles but it’s large.

The vast area takes you from the town of Far Harbor to a very old Lighthouse and into the marshes where Anglers, and a bit of the Fog Crawlers reside alongside Raiders and Fog Ghouls. Far Harbor ( Bar Harbor, Maine.) is known as a town and a National Park resides on the Island known as Acadia National Park. The History of Bar Harbor hasn’t been lost, it’s still very much there alongside the in-game history that Bethesda has crafted in. It definitely feels like it’s a lived in place and a mysterious place much how like Point Lookout was.


Far Harbor


Those that explore will find alot of history and cool stuff that’s lying around in Far Harbor, and alot of side quests jumbled in with the main quest of the Expansion. The best part is that it feels like Point Lookout and that isn’t bad considering Point Lookout is the best Expansion in the entirety of Fallout 3, it’s a mix of Point Lookout and something original although at times, it feels like I’m playing a remastered Expansion of Point Lookout. It trends some waters that Point Lookout had but overall, it feels original.

There’s alot to see here and alot to do within Far Harbor, I spent almost 3 hours exploring the island. Going from Rayburn Point to the Lighthouse and everywhere in between and somewhere I haven’t seen it all, because it goes from Coast to Coast. See the sights.

This definitely is one of Bethesda’s strongest Expansions, following TES III’s Expansions, TES IV’s Expansions ( Shivering Isles / Knights of the Nine.) , Point Lookout / The Pitt, and Dawnguard / Dragonborn in TES V. This expansion is definitely worth the playthrough. Check out my review sometime soon.





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