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Letters from the Front


Is this Easy Mode? 


I personally believe a multiplayer only shooter not since Team Fortress 2 and maybe to an extent, Counter-Strike as conveyed this much personality in a game and as been not as much fun since those two games released in 2007 and the 1990’s. But there’s another game out there that challenges it and that’s Overwatch. Overwatch is the first FPS from Blizzard and marks a new uncharted world for them since Starcraft and Diablo, two RTS games alongside World of Warcraft.

Overwatch, for me is the return of glorious multiplayer shootouts that we haven’t seen  since the ‘2000s , it’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s addicting as hell. As someone who is now being turned away from multiplayer games in favor of single player, this is one fresh dose that sparks the life back into someone who has not been in favor of games being multiplayer only for the best 2 years for their lack of content and for their lack of something fun and that is full of energy but Overwatch is the exception to that mindset.




Overwatch is a 6v6 objective-based shooter, similar to Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike to an extent but closely resembles Team Fortress 2 in graphics and gameplay which is the fun part because I love Team Fortress 2, Overwatch puts you in the shoes of charismatic heroes that make you laugh and make you smile, as well as the villains. The villains are also charismatic but knowing me, I love to play the hero. It’s a superhero filled future, the matches don’t take long. Usually 10 to 15 minutes plus Overtime and also if you want to swap out your character for any other, you can do that on the fly also with multiples allowed on the same team so people don’t get to hog their favorite characters. For me, Overwatch is a marvel of a game.

Overwatch has to be the most beautiful game in terms of aesthics and presentation, one that rivals Team Fortress 2 in this department. The characters are Pixar-like, the use of vibrant, happy colors in both the characters and the maps and it doesn’t scream, “Gritty, Brown, Violent War Game.” like most of the FPS’s today. It’s a beautiful game.


Mercy, the Medic. 


All of the heroes that are within the game and there are more to come are all brilliantly designed, with that Pixar-like set of mind and all are appealing in their own ways. I chose the game’s mascot, Tracer to play as and so far it’s going great. Tracer is my favorite character to play as because I love to go on the defense and support my team in any way possible although Tracer has maybe the lowest health in the entire roster, it’s still fun to play as her.

Everybody is bound to have their favorite characters, my favorite character is Tracer and I see many people feel that way as well. Heroes are grouped into one of four categories: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support but they can all be used well in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. I love to play as Tracer because she can go on the defense and help hold down the objective with her abilities to alter time and teleport as well as her pulse grenade which comes in handy.


The Man with No Name. ( His name is McCree, by the way.) 


So far, Overwatch is an addicting game, one that can possibly go all the way to Game of the Year. It’s fun, it’s addicting, it’s unique and most importantly, it’s a game that will take risks as this is the first foray into the FPS genre by Blizzard and so far, I say do another FPS because Overwatch is so damn good that I want to see where Blizzard goes next into this new space.

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