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Letters from the Front


The Calvary is here! 


The first time I played a Blizzard game was Diablo II , three years into the 2000’s and three years after it launched. I never before had played a game of that scale and a game that was single-player mixed in with multiplayer, I never tried the multiplayer but I always played the single-player ( I always played it at a friend’s house.) , Diablo II didn’t really change me like the Original Call of Duty did but I thought at the time, that it was a pretty good game and that was the first and only time I played a Blizzard game until now with Overwatch.

Then came World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm , I personally never wanted to play any because I wasn’t huge into the MMO games of that nature and I never wanted to play a card game but then they announced Overwatch and I wanted to play it despite giving it a look over at first. A Hero based shooter that Blizzard was creating, a first person shooter with abilities sounded fascinating and interesting although I never had played a hero shooter before.

DVa_005.0 here! 


So came the Overwatch beta and I never got a chance to play it despite my friend’s telling me to play the beta and their constant nagging made me look up gameplay and livestreams of the Beta and then I felt something inside my body and inside my heart that said maybe this could be good, on the level of Team Fortress 2 good. When the beta was going on, I was opposed to multiplayer only games but played: Evolve, Battlefront, Team Fortress 2 ( still playing that.) but mainly I was opposed to them due to the lack of content and repetitiveness that these games usually get. But something told me that Overwatch wasn’t going to be like that if it was anything like Team Fortress.

Then came a week before the game’s launch and I wanted to play it. I wanted to play Overwatch with my friends but first, they would have to nag me to actually go out and pay for the game and install it. Needless to say, they nagged me.

Then, I went out and paid for the game upfront and installed it. Needless to say, I wasn’t sure if I was interested in it and wouldn’t play it that much like how I usually do with multiplayer only games but the first match I got myself into, I really enjoyed it.


Welcome to the Fray. 


I found it to be similar to Team Fortress 2, Valve’s 2007 sequel to the Original Team Fortress. And I was sold on it, I really dug Tracer and her pulse grenade. I can’t wait to play some more matches, I think one of the reasons why I’m digging Overwatch is how similar it is in presentation and gameplay to Team Fortress 2 and I have a love fascination with that game, so I found it to be easy to play and found something relatable.

Blizzard turned me into a fan of their games and Overwatch as a series, here’s hoping Overwatch gets a sequel or Blizzard does a similar game to Overwatch.

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