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Letters from the Front


Emily returns in Dishonored 2.


Last year, Bethesda made their first debut at E3 to show off Fallout 4 and announce the date for the long awaited Fallout 4, now Bethesda is going to their second conference this June 12th. With DOOM, Fallout 4 now released, I’m going to take a look at what can we expect out of Bethesda come June 12th.

I’m hoping we get a surprise announcement out of a game that we have yet to see, will they jump the gun and surprise announce the rumored Prey 2 that was supposedly canned in 2014, only to be picked up by Arkane Austin, or so the rumors claim. The possibilities are wide open, any number of titles that has been sitting on the shelf can come back like Prey 2. Let’s dive in.

The Safe Route

Dishonored 2 is of course going to be there, at that point the launch date of Dishonored 2 will be five months out. We’re going to see gameplay, see Karnaca in it’s glory and get a few spoken lines from Emily and Corvo.

DOOM’s MP hasn’t been well-received as it’s single player, the MP I still have to try out and of course Expansions to the MP will be coming as well, so maybe a sneak peek at one of the expansions will be there.

Far Harbor just launched couple days ago for Fallout 4, the big story expansion that takes you off the coast of Maine in search of a missing woman. There will be more Expansions, probably going to be more then what we received in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I’ll bet that we’re going to see one of the new expansions, probably set to release at the end of June / Beginning of July and take a sneak peek at the rest of the lineup.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends will definitely be there, there hasn’t been much news regarding Legends but maybe E3 is a good time to show it off.



Here’s hoping for Prey 2.




Prey 2. Bethesda announced the sequel in 2011 but in 2014, it was scrapped but now that could not be possibly true. Rumors swirling around the Internet say for the past three years, Arkane Austin took up the mantle and has been working on Prey 2 now, and rumors hint that Bethesda will do a surprise announcement at E3 this year.

Could this be the return of Prey 2, a solid 10 years after the Original and 5 years since it was announced at E3 2011? At this point, what would the game even be about and did it have some remnants of what Human Head Studios was working on? I hope this is true.


Now with Wolfenstein: TOB released last summer and Wolfenstein: TNO released two years ago, what could MachineGames be working on next? Wolfenstein: TNO was one of the best shooters of 2014, here’s hoping for a teaser to the sequel to TNO.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within was definitely a game that was good, a mix between old-school horror and Resident Evil 4. Here’s hoping for something original instead of a sequel to the Evil Within.



Wrong ( Hopefully right.) Predictions. 


A New Fallout by Obsidian.

Come on, I would like to see Obsidian return to Fallout and set it somewhere that’s outside the Eastern and Western Coasts of America like in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and New Vegas. I would love to see how the Midwest has fared in the Fallout Lore. Let’s see the Great Lakes, Let’s see St. Louis, or anywhere in between while rocking out to the Ink Spots.


The Elder Scrolls 6

Okay, fellas, I don’t see much of this happening. There’s no way that Bethesda Game Studios will want to announce The Elder Scrolls after launching Fallout 4, but I hope I’m proven wrong because I really want the next Elder Scrolls. Even now, I long for Elder Scrolls 6.



The last Quake game released in 2005, that was 11 years ago. So, here’s hoping Bethesda announces Quake, whether that be Quake 5 or a reboot of Quake is yet to be seen but I know I would love to see MachineGames announce it with multiplayer by id or have it be a game similar to Overwatch. Nonetheless, let’s hope.


Anyways, that does it for my predictions for Bethesda at this year’s E3. Let’s hope I’m right.








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