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Letters from the Front



A vicious land, Toussaint is despite the “happiness” that surrounds it. Toussaint is a land that has been untouched by War and Famine but has been touched by other means, a land where Knights save the maidens and a land where giants are slain to gain the maiden’s approval. A land where Wine is ever-present but still, dark forces hide underneath the bush. Toussaint is a place where it reminds me of Southern France with it’s wine and architecture amongst other things.

There has been a tragedy in Toussaint, a mysterious beast roams the courtyards, vineyards, and the land and kills anybody, rich or poor alike. So, it’s up to Geralt to end this in what is, the final quest and is the conclusion of Geralt’s tale. Blood and Wine feels like a full game with it’s 20 hour + main quests and side quests, so far CDPR has crafted a wonderful finale to the Witcher Trilogy and a wonderful conclusion to Geralt’s tale. It feels like it’s can stand beside the main game, I absolutely love this Expansion.

The main narrative is full of mysteries and intrigue, one that I won’t spoil but so far, it’s pretty good.



Blood and Wine is a 20+ hour expansion so expect some side quests, by some, I mean an abundance of side quests. They are extremely funny and clever, they don’t feel like filler. One had me track down someone who took something from a statue, that quest is one that stands out at the moment because not only is it clever but it’s cleverly funny in the way it presents itself, all of the side quests don’t feel like anything that is there just for you to do, all of it is crafted with passion. The majority of the Expansion is teeming with creativity and laughter, from side quests to facing bosses although there is one boss early in the expansion that’s a pain to kill so it’s best if you go back to it later.

The boss fights are extremely well done and they’re fun to do and exciting unlike Hearts of Stone. Not much has changed with the combat but you do get a new mutation upgrade system that gives you abilities.



So far, Blood and Wine is an example of an expansion that is done right and takes advantage of providing new content that doesn’t feel like it’s half-baked or that feels like it’s something that you should be doing, the whole expansion is brimming with passion and creativity, I believe that CDPR is now on the level with Bethesda Game Studios or has passed it in terms of offering great content that doesn’t feel “Filler”. Blood and Wine is a great way to end Geralt’s Journey.

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