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Letters from the Front


Everyone gets crazy around E3 time, everytime June rolls around, bold predictions come and go and everyone waits to see if they’re right. I’m one of those folks who gets pumped once E3 rolls around. Another big part of the show is watching and waiting. Today, I’m planting my flag into the ground and stating now that I’m doing my Bold Predictions.

Suicide Squad Game



The Suicide Squad movie is coming this August and I would be surprised to see that WB Montreal will announce the game but set in the Arkham Universe, with Batman being a side character and only seeing him once or twice. And this game is all about the Squad and you play as Deathstroke.

Red Dead 3 and Red Dead Redemption Gets a Remaster



People are foaming at the mouth to see the announcement of the next Red Dead from Rockstar, myself included. I’d probably say that Red Dead 3 will get announced for Summer 2017 and also I would bet that Redemption gets a remaster of sorts, with the same treatment of GTA V to hold us over until Summer 2017. Red Dead Redemption Remastered will release November 2016 and that also include it coming to PC.

EA shows a new Star Wars Game.



Folks love Star Wars, myself included. My bold prediction is that we’re going to get a trailer for Amy Henning’s Star Wars Pirate game to release in 2018, a small teaser and my second prediction is that we’re going to see what BioWare is up to with Star Wars.

Kingdom Hearts III has a release date.



Kingdom Hearts III has been teased for years but my prediction says that this E3 is finally the one to get the Kingdom Hearts fans the news they’ve been waiting for. I’d say a 2017 release window, unless they pull a Fallout 4 but I’d say a 2017 release date.

Agent gets re-revealed.



AGENT has been MIA since 2009 since the screenshots were leaked and nothing else has been shown. My fear is that this game has been cancelled but I’d hope there’s a slim chance that this year, AGENT gets re-revealed and gets a trailer for release that states COMING SOON, instead of placing it as 2017 or 2016. And AGENT will come to all next-gen consoles or current-gen consoles including PC but with all the DLC coming first to Playstation 4.

Wolfenstein 2 gets announced.



With Fallout 4, DOOM already out and Dishonored 2 will be 5 months away, I’d predict that Wolfenstein 2 gets announced at E3 for Spring 2017 and Bethesda will show off a trailer. Wolfenstein: TNO was one of the best shooters in 2014, let’s see a sequel.


Prey 2 comes back from the Dead.



With rumors stating that Bethesda will surprise announce Prey 2 at this year’s E3 and rumors hinting that Arkane Austin picked up the project, I’d want to see this game come back to life as seeing as it was a unique Space Bounty Hunter type game. Let’s hope the rumors are true.


What are your bold predictions? Sound off!



4 comments on “E3 2016: My Bold Predictions

  1. I’d love to see a Bioware-made Star Wars game, but I think their involvement with the license is just going to be for Star Wars The Old Republic MMO. Maybe it will make it to consoles?

    I know that Visceral and Respawn are doing Star Wars games and supposedly when DICE makes Battlefront 2, there will actually be a single player campaign.

    I’m predicting that the new console rumors will turn out to only be partially true.

    1. Physics says:

      I don’t think they’ll do anything with the Old Republic MMO, I’m thinking it’s going to be a proper KOTOR 3 or a reboot of KOTOR. But nonetheless, I’m hoping this is the case.

      I’m believing that the console rumors will be true.

      1. I’d love to see KOTOR 3….

      2. Physics says:

        Same, man. Same.

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