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Letters from the Front


Welcome back.


Bethesda’s second E3 conference was amazing, they outdid themselves this time, one-upping last year’s. Everything from Quake to Fallout 4 DLC, I felt excited for and I felt sad at some points but it was everything that I wanted out of their press conference, even a tease about the new Wolfenstein was there. Did you miss it?

Bethesda’s E3 showcase did everything right, and it’s the proper way you do one and it was great. This is why I love Bethesda, they are good developers and good studios and they love videogames as much as I do. They’re great. Now, let’s take a look:

Fallout 4 DLC.


It’s All Over But the Crying.


The Fallout 4 DLC has been good so far, except all the filler and the first two DLC’s they showed off just seemed like something I wouldn’t be interested in, but Nuka World does seem interesting. I wonder if the park has a mystery like in Blood and Wine, or something going on that warrants us on going to the park itself. Where is Nuka World located at? What will it be about? All questions, and answers will be answered in August.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered


Dawnguard. ( 2011 edition.)


Now this is interesting, Skyrim being remastered for this generation and for PC, I personally didn’t think it was true, but I understand it’s need for it. I like it’s being remastered but I’m not sure if I’ll be going back considering that I’ve moved on from Skyrim to other games, we’ll see. What are your thoughts?


Prey ( Reboot.)


The return of PREY!


This has me really excited. I loved Prey and when we got the announcement trailer for PREY 2, I went over and then in 2014, when PREY 2 was cancelled I was devastated. I’m getting a feeling of “BioShock and System Shock” out of this game which is good because both are horror and immersive. I really like this.


Quake: Champions




I love Quake. Quake was awesome and now to see it’s return, I’m getting happy. id Software blew it away again, good job. I can’t wait to hear and see more of Quake: Champions.

Dishonored 2


The Howlers.


I like Dishonored 2, I like of what I’ve seen. It’s looking so good, can’t wait to  actually play the game. Good job, Arkane.


Bethesda outdid themselves and one-upped last year’s, this is the reason why you do a press conference, this is how you do a press conference or a show case. This was great, can’t wait to see what they have in store next year. Hoping for TES 6!





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