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Letters from the Front

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Mass Effect.


To be quite honest, EA didn’t really do a good job as compared to Bethesda later in the night. Their ( EA.) conference felt very “typical” and very “PR-ish” seeing what Bethesda did, it (EA.) didn’t resonate with me once again but there were some good games that I really wanted to try.

Titanfall 2



Titanfall 2 gave me some flashbacks to Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, that sense of scale with the campaign. Those epic blockbuster scenes from Call of Duty 4 and MW2, I really liked that from those games and to see that again here is good to see. Also, I got MW2 feelings from the multiplayer. The multiplayer in MW2 was unprecedented and it was actually good multiplayer, so I want to see how that translates here in Titanfall 2.


Mass Effect: Andromeda



Once again, they didn’t show anything relating to the game, except pre-rendered cutscenes and some characters but they didn’t show much which I kinda got me mad because it just means that they’re not even remotely ready and once again EA announces games way too early, so I expect a delay out of Mass Effect: Andromeda to Fall 2017.

The good side is that I’m ready for this new Mass Effect, I have many questions relating to the character ( main character perhaps) , what’s his / her name, who is the asari? Why is Earth no longer a safe haven for the human race? I have many questions so I assume that we’re going to get an update come N7 Day.

Battlefield 1



“Welcome to the War.” , this game Battlefield 1 has me legitimately excited, it sounds good, it does something that nobody else has done in the Triple A section of the industry. DICE and EA is going in first to see if this is viable and it can last. Battlefield 1 sounds like a game that you don’t get much of so this is a good sign.

Those are three games that took it home for me, seeing as it was just another typical EA Conference I didn’t feel anything for Madden or FIFA, I was surprised NHL wasn’t there. Also another game that looked good  was Amy Henning’s game, it was pre-alpha so it’s pretty early but it looked good and it looked great. So far, EA’s Conference wasn’t the right way of doing one, next year please do better, EA. I don’t want to be bored to death.  Learn some things from Bethesda and please don’t announce games way too early.

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