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Letters from the Front

the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion-2006 101


It’s been a good minute since I last Oblivion in the ten years that it’s been out, I haven’t thought much of going back to the 2006 hit game until recently. The last time I picked it up was in 2009 just to replay the game for a little bit, after that I just let it sit until recently. I am standing in the town of Cheydinhal , after fighting some Vampires on the road to get there which I find to be iconic. I am looking for the Fighter’s Guild which I hear that they have a branch out here in Cheydinhal, I run all over the town now which now looks beautiful, texture-defining and the aging of Oblivion is somewhat lost in the now face-revamping of the game. It looks beautiful.

I run all over town,  wondering where the Fighter Guild is and I finally find it and then several minutes later, I do one of their quests.  The quests and the world in Oblivion is what keeps me coming back to this game long after it’s release, the silliness and the serious tones that underlie it is what keeps the game together and it charms me.

I believe I have found a new life and rekindled an old love with Oblivion, I scurry towards the objective which is a mine that houses members of the Thieves Guild and Goblins as foes and once I get there. I speak to Rienna, Elidor, and I finally speak to Brag gro-Bharg and we set off to clear the mine of Goblins.



I stay with them as we continue to head further into the mine, we manage to kill some Goblins but there is more. The log trap is what gets most of my team, and I end up fighting alongside Brag gro-Bharg, the Orc and then couple of minutes later, I end up dying from the Goblin Boss.

Well, there goes it. I believe that I found a new kind of love with Oblivion, Now, onwards once again for the second time to the Shivering Isles.

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