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Letters from the Front



Blood and Wine marks the end of Geralt’s journey, this character that we’ve been playing as for a year now since last May and is possibly the last of The Witcher games or so we’re told, I like to think that there is one more trilogy left in the Witcher games, but knowing that the Witcher books and the Witcher Trilogy are / was about Geralt himself and his friends there won’t be another Witcher game. It’s time to say Goodbye to an old friend that we’ve gotten to know for almost ten years since 2007 and gotten to know over three games.The sun may shine bright for the White Wolf but for all of us, it’s a tale of letting go.

The expansion is stronger then anything else out there, including Far Harbor for Fallout 4 and is stronger then the base game itself. It breaks us from the death and despair of Velen and the dark, gloomy skies of Skellige for a Duchy in the South. Toussaint is this place, it’s a place of lovely hills, vineyards, and bathed in sunlight that seems to chase away all of the evils of the world of The Witcher. There is no war, there is no despair, just wine and more wine. It’s a smart move because Geralt is a famous witcher with no urgent need to save the world from the Wild Hunt, the tale of this expansion definitely fits that.



Toussaint is based on Tuscany and the Southern region of France where the wine is flowing and the sun shines bright, the story brims with gags of Wine ownership and knowledge of Wine, right down to two people fighting over who gets the vineyard first. It’s a great place for Geralt, but what is a Witcher doing in Toussaint? Is it about Politics? Is it about Wine? Some of that yes, but he’s there for a mystery.

This is a tale about vampires, it’s handled quite well even if the main villain isn’t strong suited as his companions and the side characters surrounding the tale. He is a powerful vampire, he serves to give Geralt’s long-time friend as some sort of complexity. I really like the Vampire side because it serves as a background thing for two people’s struggles and their struggling to justify their affection for friends and family and what those consequences mean for those people, it’s a really good thing instead of the Vampire trope that most games that have vampires show.



The lore is awesome, like always. The lore of the Witcher games have been great and it takes us deeper into   Andrzej Sapkowski’s strange twist on Vampires, that redefines what means to be Vampire and what are Vampires, and it maintains momentum with twists up until the end of the story. It’s a great celebration of what the Witcher games have been about, whether that be side quests or it’s time to face against the Wolf.

The boss fights are harder here and are on par with Hearts of Stone, it offers careful planning and thought to defeat your foes. Blood and Wine introduces us to Geralt the Wine Connesour, Geralt’s headquarters are in a vineyard who gets it early in the game alongside some folks who are completely unaware that he’s the owner. It’s a great place but it seems out of place for a Witcher, especially for Geralt who is always on the path and doesn’t settle in one place. I feel like this expansion is a goodbye farewell to Geralt which is the case, and it represents a sort of retirement for Geralt. Can you imagine Geralt gardening with Yen or Trish? Because there is such a thing, there’s a garden to grow herbs and a lab that breaks down mutagens.

All of this, I wish there was one more expansion but it’s the time to say Goodbye to Geralt and a possible goodbye to the Witcher games for once and for all, it’s up in the air but I hope there is at least one more game with Ciri as the main lead but for now, it’s Goodbye. I will miss Geralt of Rivia and I will miss the Witcher games, it’s a great ending for a great trilogy.

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  1. Mariza says:

    Cool post 🙂 Nicely done. Have you ever shared this on any gaming platforms?

    1. Physics says:

      What do you mean by Gaming Platforms? Thank you

      1. Mariza says:

        You’re welcome. Well I mean sites that publish posts about gaming. For example, if you’d liked to consider it, I’d love to help you get seen on Moviepilot’s Nowloading. For more information email me at 🙂

      2. Physics says:

        Oh yes, I do own another blog on IGN which I publish most of the work that you can find here. Thank you so much! I’ll consider it.

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