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Letters from the Front




Remember Citadel? Remember SHODAN? Of course you do and one thing that stands out about the System Shock remaster that is launching in Holiday 2017 is that it feels really familiar. That familiar feeling which I can’t explain is what I get  when I played the “Pre-Alpha” Demo for the System Shock remaster. But to be exact, it is like a familiar feeling but like in a “BioShock” way ( I dunno if that’s just me.) , I’m in the Citadel Station that I thought about when I first played the 1994 version of the game years ago. My favorite Villain in all of gaming that includes Atlas / Frank Fontaine is back, her name is SHODAN and she’s back in her original home orbiting Saturn.

Saying that the “Pre-Alpha” demo is a something that isn’t original is doing a disservice, this is System Shock , this isn’t just a HD Remaster of the original, but a complete re-doing of the game to take advantage of the technology that didn’t exist in the mid 1990s. It is totally System Shock, all the way down to the toes and the new studio Nightdive Studios are proving to us that they can handle a game of this caliber, including System Shock 3 is on the way after taking what seemed like a lifetime.

You don’t hear this often but look around the Medical Wing, the opening of the Medical Wing is extremely faithful to the 1994 version and it has seen some revisions such as a reception desk and some chairs. The classic 451 code is now painted across the wall with blood that is probably not dry also we get a skybox view of Saturn and Citadel Station respectively, it’s turning out to be an amazing experience just by playing the “Pre-Alpha” demo.



The writing of the game is good, always as been but this version has been completely reworked, your contact on Earth, Rebecca Lansing ( Remember her?) has a somewhat of a different script and has a different voice actress, SHODAN remains as the one and only amd the true Terri Brosius and personally to me, sounds more menacing and creepy then ever. How much has Nightdive Studios reworked the game? Who knows until 2017 but it has most of the old crew and new crew as well, that includes Chris Avellone who is best known for his work on RPGs, including Fallout: New Vegas.

So far, the game is shaping up nicely and if you want to play the game, the Alpha Footage of the game is available to play now. Check it out!

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