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Letters from the Front



It’s been quite a while since I last played The Division , the last time I played was two months ago and like many others who played it quickly dropped it because of the Endgame brick wall that you hit once you reached Level 30. The Division is a game that you’re supposed to play forever like Destiny or World of Warcraft or maybe to an extent, Overwatch and yet a common complaint is there’s not enough to do aside the usual Search and Destroy, HTV hit contracts that you get and the two incursions and Underground, the first DLC for The Division changes that.

In Underground, there are randomly generated missions and dungeons so it keeps the pace fresh and keeps you busy which isn’t a bad thing and it’s for those that aren’t up to speed like myself once you enter The Dark Zone or aren’t fond of PvP encounters, these dungeons are Subway tunnels and Metros are beneath Manhattan and are meant for three of your friends if they’re still playing but you can also do it solo.



Underground is a unique piece of content for the Division, it is set in the post main campaign storyline where all the factions have been disbanded and have been driven Underground by JTF Forces and The Division itself and there is already some sort of foothold in the city of Manhattan, and now most of the enemy factions know The Division and they know that The Division is a faction within Manhattan that needs to be dealt with. It’s a storyline that is self-aware in some respects where every faction that you face knows you and knows that you’re part of this clandestine organization, and everyone is out to get you.

The gameplay is just more Division, which is nothing wrong but it’s just traditional Division gameplay mixed in with some new things, you now have a separate leveling system from the Dark Zone and from Vanilla Division, this is Underground Leveling System it’s just another XP level based system like Dark Zone or Vanilla but with a few twists. This leveling system gets better each time you run a mission, you gain more XP and more weapon drops when you do a Operation on Hard or Heroic which is a new “mode” or “difficulty setting” where everything that you gain is of high level importance and you gain more Phoenix Credits to buy the new weapons that the DLC offers like the G36C which makes it’s first appearance within the game itself, it’s a good way to get more “gameplay” out of The Division but I worry it will become repetitive like the rest of the game itself.



Underground is so far a piece of DLC that brings a new light forth upon The Division with repetitive missions that each time you run, you get a different result and thus you get more out of each mission that you run and you gain more gameplay out of it, but I fear this won’t be enough to bring in the amount of players that dropped the game to play for another 2 months or a month like myself, I’m just checking out the Expansion and as soon as I’m done, I’ll drop the game again until the next piece of Expansion hit the game later this Summer. It’s something that you’re supposed to play forever but I’m not sure if “Forever” is in this game.

Make sure to check out my review later this Summer. Thanks for reading!

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