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Letters from the Front





BioShock’s story is one of the greatest stories in the medium of video-games. BioShock is a classic. It’s so well-known that two sequels were produced by Irrational Games and 2K Marin, one sequel was praised and hyped while the other was well-received but was too familiar for anyone who played BioShock and if you talk to certain people still says their favorite game is BioShock and BioShock Infinite, the sequel with a complete change of setting and characters. Why is BioShock aimed as the greatest video-game of 2007 and of all time?

I think what made BioShock so great and why it’s called the best video-game of all time is the story and the feeling of being left “Alone” in the underwater city Rapture made it “Personal” because you was left to your own devices while facing against the splicers and the Big Daddy’s. You felt threatened, not powerless like in Amnesia or Outlast but threatened. The Splicers and the Big Daddies over-powered you when you eventually ran out of ammo and you died, when you died you were sent back to a vita chamber but if you turned the vita chambers off then you felt more threatened then before if you ran out of ammo, you felt more threatened because you had a survival instinct to find Ammo, Medkits and Eve.




BioShock made you feel threatened and alone, alone at the bottom of the ocean floor, a setting that is beyond the sea, a setting that is fascinating and so well-done that it goes down as one of the best settings in the medium of video-games. Rapture is eternal. It was the feeling of being alone and the feeling of being threatened, the need to scour for ammo when you were running low on ammo, eve for your plasmids, and medkits which are a commodity in Rapture made BioShock more personal then having unlimited ammo at your disposal.

When we walk away from BioShock, the experience is what gets us. Is what makes us remember BioShock to this every day and is ingrained in those that played it and continue to go back like myself, it’s an experience that transcends gaming and it’s an experience that you may never get back or may never experience again.

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