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Letters from the Front



Far Harbor may be dark and gloomy and rainy and foggy but it’s a large piece of land; this expansion to the already large Fallout 4 adds the island of Bar Harbor, Maine and it presents the strongest quest line in Fallout 4 history. It’s packed with interesting characters who present to you a morality line that you have to choose, between synths, humans, and the Cult of Atom that is featured prominently in this Expansion. Their outcome had me thinking on who I want to choose and I choose the middle line, that all factions live peacefully on the Island while the Railroad sends more escaped synths out of the Commonwealth to the Island.

Much in the same way that Point Lookout started back in 2009 with Fallout 3, Far Harbor starts out as an innocent search for a woman before figuring that there’s a facade and you have to solve whatever it is on the Island and a battle that will ultimately shape the island itself. Far Harbor grabs you in the course of searching for a missing teenager taken on by Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency and then introduces you to the actual reason why you have landed on Far Harbor, it’s an interesting gameplay mechanic.



Every faction is well developed with internal conflicts and external conflicts that they have to deal with it and each gives you interesting reasons to choose their side, with the Humans being the more biased to the Cult. The synth leader’s performance is well done as he raises questions about you being a Synth and Synths who don’t know that they’re robotic and once he asks if you’re a synth, it raises questions about your character’s past before 2077 and before we begin the main game but you can choose to have an argument which is the highlight.

The way how the conflict on the Island unravels is interesting and allows for different reactions to you, the player and to the character that you’re playing as. Who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong will depend on you and how you weigh on the argument, this was the kind of thing that was missing from Main Fallout 4, and in some spots the expansion allows you to choose the outcome and to complete the objective.



Also here’s a major warning, in the middle of the main questline Far Harbor takes a major turn which was unnecessary and very tedious. This section adds the Settlement building and turn Fallout 4 into a puzzle game which was very tedious. It’s hard to understand why Todd Howard would sign off on this section when it was so boring and kinda useless.

We also get a pretty boring new companion by the name of Old Longfellow who’s a guide to the Island, although the Fog is nothing to be bothered with or that much of Radioactive but it is a minor annoyance. Longfellow isn’t a major player in the main story, he’s just there to remind you for the Human’s reaction to your choices.

In the end, Far Harbor adds a large amount of Quests and interesting things to Fallout 4. Thanks to the writing and some morally ambiguous people, it was a great return to Fallout 4. Also, Point Lookout is a great inspiration in this expansion.

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