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Letters from the Front




Like Wasteland Workshop that released earlier this year, this Expansion solely focuses on building and creating things for your settlements. But unlike Wasteland Workshop, you get to build some pretty cool things but still this expansion is pretty disappointing after May’s Point Lookout esque Expansion titled “Far Harbor”.

You can and will cheat your way to get most of the supplies that is required to build these new creations like a shame board to put your most hated people in like Preston or Marcy Long so people can look at them and you can build a machine to throw shit at them because you hate them so much, because gathering the materials will take forever and you need to scour the Commonwealth in order to find large quantities. This Expansion is really in favor and resembles alot of Minecraft, it basically turns Fallout 4 into Minecraft which is fine if you want to build your things. The powerful machines allow you to come up with some pretty mad-scientist genius types of contraptions.

I began my small experiments and slowly my brain adjusted to how this Expansion works, I created a roller-coaster but for pinballs and that led to a defense mechanism also I created a shame board in the middle of the town so my most hated settlers can enter and be shamed by the town or be shamed by teddy bears and other junk.



Once I was done with building, I moved to building what you see above in the picture albeit a bit different and once I was done, what I did opened up my eyes to the level of Creativity that this expansion does but still it was disappointing after the highs of Far Harbor.

I also appreciated that you now you get Ammo dumps like from The Pitt in Fallout 3, where you can forge your ammo and you also get the ability to craft weapons and armor but then as you level up, these go away in terms of usefulness but it was nice. Also one thing I also noticed was that Contraptions was maybe made for Youtube and Twitch where many players like to build things and settle things , it certainly succeeds.

For me, personally I thought it was nice but pretty disappointing that this will be the majority of Fallout 4’s DLC plans where you just build things and you don’t necessarily go anywhere or do any missions.


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