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Letters from the Front



Everybody in the apocalypse who is creepy or those that actually want to be a sadist in the apocalypse, come and explore Vault 88! With retro music, bikes, casino gambling, spiked soda machines that look like it’s been made in Post World War II America and other twisted designs, Vault-Tec Workshop is for you and this time with an actual story. Vault-Tec Workshop, the fifth of the Fallout 4 Expansions lets you build a vault and lets you create experiments that can be fine-tuned for your creepy desires. It’s a slew of fun that doesn’t get boring or you don’t have even want to try like in Wasteland Workshop or Contraptions.

It is the third of the Workshop expansions and it includes a 4 story missions that can be completed in 4 hours but however if you’re into more story based things, stick with Automatron and Far Harbor and Nuka World which is out in August. Vault-Tec’s main story takes 3-4ish hours to complete and it’s just a bunch of experiments and while it does include a memorable character and a mention / flashback  to that DOCTOR from Tranquility Lane in Fallout 3, it’s not a reason to jump in to check it out.

After discovering a radio signal from Vault-Tec and after entering Vault 88, you meet someone like you from the golden days. A 200 year old ghoul who was the overseer of Vault 88, you can go along with her, shoot her or make her leave if you don’t want to follow her plans or you could just make your own plans. I recommend that you play along, she believes in Healthcare, Exercising, and Socializing and no amount of rational discussion can change her mind.

Few laughs here and there, the things start to open up. A bike that can shock your residents or blow them up, would your residents like to gamble on a slot machine that is rigged. Questions that you have the answer too, it’s a fun way to keep building.  The real award is getting the vault.

Vault 88 is huge, bigger then Vault 101 or Vault 111 or any of the vaults in Fallout: New Vegas. It’s in ruins once you get there but you can make it your own, knock down a few rocks and limestone because Vault 88 is under the Quincy Quarry. After clearing out the Vault full of junk, I found that this vault is huge and includes it’s own Metro Subway that you can transform the Subway tunnel into something.

When you’re a builder, Vault 88 is a man’s dream of building things. After you knock down a few things like limestone and radioactive material, shoot a few things you get a sense of how big this Vault really is. You have to find each part to use the workshop in different locations so you can explore.


Pedal to the Metal, MY MINIONS! 


Vault-Tec workshop is a wealth of new material to build with, a few hilarious characters and a flashback memory to Tranquility Lane doesn’t hold up to the proper story expansions and doesn’t warrant you to get tickets to Vault 88 but still go and explore the Vault.

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