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Letters from the Front



I never played Journey nor did I ever experience one of thatgamecompany ‘s games before and now I have to say: That whoever is on that team has done it for me, a beautiful game that isn’t gritty nor does it have weapons, it’s just about exploring the unknown and exploring what’s truly Beyond the Sea, Abzu is a game that’s about exploring the ocean and what’s to see in a place that for humans is truly the unknown.

Abzu is a great game and maybe one of the better games I’ve played this year that doesn’t count Overwatch or The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, it’s truly a game that should belong with those as one of the most brilliant games in 2016.

Here’s the overall plot: You wake up in the middle of the ocean and you’re a scubadiver and you have to swim through caves and valleys while interacting with the sealife of the ocean, the story is told through glyphes and your ( player.) reactions to what’s going on around you, after several hours the story starts to get at you and then you realize there’s something strange going on at the bottom of the sea.

It’s a dream-like vision of the ocean, gorgeous graphics and that sense of you’re in a dream hits you when you first swim into the first area. It’s truly the unknown, it has a flat art style which really pops, it’s like a painting almost. There’s alot to see, including ancient ruins that seem to have been secluded, really hitting you with the imagination of what is the ocean really like?

The music is the best part of Abzu, it’s a wonderful score that fits thematically and fits with the game.



Abzu is a special game and it warms my heart, it’s a game that is simple in nature and doesn’t have any complexities to it as compared to a game like Battlefield or  Overwatch where there is alot going on at once, to have a game where it’s focused and simple is very special.


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