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Letters from the Front



So here we are, after what seemed like 84 years of waiting with numerous delays and a three day delay here on PC, here we are. All I can say, thank god that I finished Abzu in time and played a few different games like Batman: Arkham Asylum again before waiting for this game for the past three days and the past hour.

What’s wonderful about this game? The fact that many gamers have already started their journey to the center of the Universe or the fact that “Space” in this game isn’t very safe.

I’ve been shot out into the stars for maybe 4 times now in that first hour, I’m on my way to see planets and different alien species ( I’ve encountered two.) and see what I can upgrade and do resource gathering without dying, from what I’ve heard, it does the Dark Souls treatment or the many surivival games that I’ve played  of finding where you “perished” and take what you had or else, it’s gone forever. I’ve seen new ships that I can get, I’ve seen a few things but haven’t really done anything. I’ve also not been paying attention to the story and I also found a planet and renamed it, “LV426” and I hope I can rename all the animals and my ship, if you can rename your ship, I’ll definitely rename it to the “Nostromo” or “Torrens”.

Space 2


The best part of that first hour was that I was making up stories in my head, like how I did with Fallout 4 or now doing with Fallout 4. And the time it takes to travel between planets and when you enter one to find a distress signal, or crash site or even an abandoned facility, I’ve seen Alien, I’m not about to go into that abandoned site, I might find a hostile, something similar to the facehugger or something like that.

I won’t be staying away from No Man’s Sky, I’ve got the touch now. It isn’t the game I was expecting that’s for sure.

*Some folks ( including myself.) are or have experienced some stutters and framerate issues, as well as crashing. Hope Hello Games fixes this. 

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