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Letters from the Front



New York is full of surprises, especially in The Division. I’m not talking about the streets or the apartments, I’m talking about the Underground system of Manhattan, the Metros of Manhattan. Manhattan’s Metro tunnels are in disrepair, neglected tunnels, and abandoned subway tunnels. A new breed of enemy resides here in the Underground.

After the events of the main game, The Division has successfully pushed the factions of New York underground, these threats have disappeared from Manhattan and to continue the foothold and build a stronghold in Manhattan, the Division moves underground to weed out the remaining threats. This is the first story expansion for the game and offers much more for the game, even if it’s get tedious and repeatable like the main game itself.

Rather then stick to the narrow underground and the christmas music from the main game, Massive mixes it up with subway tunnels, a rave party, train tracks, and sewage tunnels. It’s interesting but maybe in two-three hours, you’ve already seen what the expansion has to offer.



Rather then raise the Level cap like you often see in other games like Fallout or The Witcher or other MMORPG’s like in The Elder Scrolls Online, Massive have decided to add a new level cap which goes to Level 40 and along the way, you unlock perks that mixes up the gameplay and new modes.

Like the main game itself, the Undeground’s grinding is powered by loot. Each time you reach a new level, you get some loot that offers some good rewards, despite some rewards that you’ll get again and again. Even if you ignored the Dark Zone like myself or ignored most of the awards, you’ll get him here. I raised my gear from 190 to 260 in several hours.

The matchmaking is excellent like in the base game, the matchmaking makes it easier to group up with friends or randoms and if you want to group up, I strongly recommend it or do it with friends. The underground isn’t inhospitable or a dark place with no hope like The Dark Zone is, but it is frustrating because the entire area is a no respawn zone. This is frustrating because if you die, you die and you have to restart again in a new area and with a new mission.

Since you’re fighting the same factions, combat doesn’t evolve here. The only new gameplay mechanic is a jammer and alarms systems. If you aren’t on board with the combat, you’ll dislike it here.

The underground is a mediocre piece of Expansions but it fits well here in the Division and fits in well with the overall lore. With no new story quests here, or anything new, the expansion barely rises above the familar shoot-and-loot expansions that you often see another games.

3 comments on “Tom Clancy’s The Division: Underground: Review

  1. I feel like I might’ve missed out on some of The Division when I chose not to get the season pass, and later sold it. I think I dodged a bullet though. I guess things really haven’t changed all that much.

    1. Physics says:

      It really hasn’t. It’s just more of the same, shame really.

      1. Yeah. The Division is on the back burner for me now.

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