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Letters from the Front



When I get to the end of the series in a game, whether that be Mass Effect or The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, or the ever-closing gap to the finale in the Fallout games ( Fallout 4 definitely felt like the end was coming.) , I ponder and sit for a while and just think. How does it feel to play the end of a series, knowing that it will never come back  forever or will be away for a long time. It’s hard to leave a world when you know a game series like The Witcher will never come back because the tale was about Geralt and his friends, not about his friends, just about Geralt. In the case of the Mass Effect saga, the story was about Commander Shepard and the Reapers with Fallout, it’s the story of numerous people in America and Fallout will end when the earth is repopulated and is green again ( which will maybe be  in Fallout 6 or Fallout 7.)  , it’s hard to leave that world behind.

At the start of many RPGs, you have so much in front of you that you can play it forever and will never be done but once the story ends, it’s over, and it’s for good until the next installment and the next installment. Once you get to the end of the franchise, you say to yourself: Are you ready to not see this type of game ever again? Are you ready to play through the final installment and be good with your choices, is it the ending that you wanted? Questions like this haunt you for the reminder of the game, until the end of the franchise. It’s the hardship of saying goodbye to these characters, to this world that you invested hundreds of hours in, to the storyline.



The Witcher 3 and Mass Effect 3 might felt like a long goodbye, but it made sense. Geralt needed to face The Wild Hunt and Eredin, and coming out of it alive and retiring with Yen or Triss in a cottage, or ride alongside Ciri, or he needed to sacrifice Ciri, or sacrifice himself ( If you just have played main game. Blood and Wine is different.) . In the case of Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard needed to sacrifice himself / herself to let humanity and earth survive. These are the characters that you spent alot of time with and invested time in. It’s hard to let go, even when you know there will be a next game in the series with a different arc and characters and will begin a new trilogy ( Mass Effect: Andromeda.) , it’s hard to let go.

No matter when I get to the end, I feel my heartstrings pulling at me. I ask myself: Am I ready to leave it all behind? Am I ready to leave these people behind? Am I truly ready? It’s saying goodbye that hurts the most.


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