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Letters from the Front



Horror at it’s finest.


After what seemed like a lifetime of Overwatch and different games, I finally finished DOOM and what an experience it has been. From the opening levels deliver exactly what we wanted and what we expected from a modern “reboot” of the 1993 classic that ended with DOOM 3 in 2004. It’s fast, deadly, intense, close-range combat, and glory kills, running through levels, platforming and winding levels of missions that seem to be from the ’90s. A shotgun. A plasma rifle. A Doomguy. It’s phenomenal and it’s great, definitely one for Game of the Year.

At the start, it’s slow and pacing. Killing everything which moves but it hasn’t done anything that I’ve said in the opening of this article, just yet. As soon as you finish the opening level, you realize that wasn’t an introduction to DOOM, that wasn’t nothing proper about it. You have a eye-opening moment that this isn’t what the game is supposed to be, the levels begin to open up and the game shows you what’s it truly about and show you this is DOOM, this isn’t the “DOOM” game that you remember from 2004.




DOOM is about exploration and about vitality. It’s a game that understands the importance of exploring every nook and cranny and it is the philosophy of DOOM underneath all of the shooting and breaking legs and arms. I feel like DOOM is a game that understands the fundamentals of the FPS genre and it presents this understanding in a new light in a way that it delivers through the SP campaign. It delivers on every level.

The combat is near-flawless. Fights in DOOM are close-quartered, a big mess of blood and guts, changing and shifting the nature of the fight is key to surviving. It’s direct and it gets to the point, you’re reacting to the fight and you’re in the gritty nitty nature of it. It’s like I’m playing BioShock again, it isn’t like the rest of the FPS genre where it’s just explosions and badassery. After the opening, it starts to open up and starts to get up in your face. The pacing is fast and is insightful and excellent, and that pacing ensures you that you’re at the peak of your abilities and despite the overwhelming odds that you face, you’re always at the peak of your abilities.

The campaign is one part of the game as there are other two modes ( This review is just based on the campaign, I don’t want try to Multiplayer or Snapmap because I don’t have imagination.)  , the campaign is fast and it’s simple for you to grasp. It isn’t Call of Duty or Battlefield or any other game, it’s DOOM and it’s the DOOM that sends you back to 1993 when the original came out. When you explore, you earn rewards and when you do the Rune trials, you get better at combat or better at the things that you have to do within the game.  It is a legit exploration game as it is a shooter.



DOOM is a great game, much like the Wolfenstein reboot in 2014, DOOM is just like that reboot. It’s great, it’s close to a masterpiece in videogames, it’s a game that takes you by surprise and it’s a game that is exhilarating.

DOOM is a exhilarating and intelligent FPS shooter that I’ve played in years, the last game that I have played a game like this was 2007’s BioShock and 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order. DOOM is a fun and memorable ride.

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