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Letters from the Front


The war is all around me, buildings collapse and WW1 era tanks roll around me in the scorching desert where the Ottoman Empire and the British Empire face off under the heat of the sun. Walls collapse, flamethrowers torch everything and everyone around me, bullets whiz by in the form of a stationary machine gun as the flags around the village are being contested by both the Ottoman and the British empires. This is the feeling of a massive world war in videogame format, something that hasn’t been seen since the last Call of Duty game in 2008, it’s something to marvel at as the hell of war surrounds you and you get a feel for what could’ve been World War I but of course in dramatized version.

This is Battlefield 1, the new installment of the Battlefield franchise has arrived on our PCs and consoles in favor of the beta. It takes a setting that we haven’t seen before, in any capacity other then Valiant Hearts which really wasn’t a FPS game but it takes the setting and drops it on our heads. It’s really impressive and once again, the game shines through multiplayer as it always has but this version of Battlefield’s multiplayer is a piece of work, it isn’t Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 3, it’s more in line with Bad Company 2 where war takes place in secluded areas in the desert, where war is everywhere including in the Western cities of Europe that we have yet to see, for now we”ll do battle in the scorching desert.


Battlefield 1 is inviting to the newcomers and turns heads to the old-timers like myself, it’s an impressive game. No longer are we fighting in the “Modern” era of warfare that we have seen since Modern Warfare neither are we fighting in the “Contemporary” future where Battlefield 4 took place in at the end of the last expansion,and neither are we fighting in the “Far Future” this is a whole different war. Different rules apply and different tactics apply although war never changes, the tactics does. Everyone’s back at zero with sniper rifles that have scopes and bolt action rifles that don’t have scopes, everyone here is equal but the equipment makes you or breaks you. The equipment has scaled back, you don’t find ACOG scopes or night vision scopes here and neither will you find a futuristic vehicles here. Everything here is at zero and a half.

Battlefield 1 feels more distinctive then Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and even 2142, DICE has taken themes and done their research on the Great War to make it feel distinctive and unique and make it feel exotic, like this is a game that you’ve never played before and make it feel strange to you in a sense that you really haven’t been to this setting ever before in your gaming career. Everything returns from the previous Battlefields in terms of gamemodes (?) , but in the beta it is just Conquest and Rush although everything else is different. All the weapons are new, even the German Gewher is brand new here, including a flamethrower. What’s more is that classes have been revamped now, if you want to play as a tanker or a pilot then you’ll spawn as a class that deals with planes and tanks and you’ll have a unique gun too to call your own.

Anyone who has played Bad Company 2 will feel at home here, the combat feels like Bad Company 2 mixed in with Battlefield 4 and the combat is harder then before. In the absence of Red Dots, Acog Scopes, and Night Vision scopes and overall modern attachments, the combat has changed. It’s more brutal, up in your face, and from across the map.

So far, Battlefield 1 looks to be a good multiplayer shooter and looks to be the best multiplayer offering this year that isn’t Overwatch. Let’s hope this game changes the landscape like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield:1942 did.

The beta is out tomorrow. 

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