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Letters from the Front


Quick Disclaimer: If you want to play with the DLC, You’ll need to be a bad guy because you’ll be locked out of nearly all of the content if you play as the good guy. And this focuses on not much of the DLC since SPOILERS.

Theme parks that are empty and abandoned seem to be all the rage these days, take a look at BioShock and every appearance made by the Joker, Batman’s great nemesis. They’re all the rage because you can do all sorts of wackiness and weirdness at an amusement park, that’s what Nuka World, the last expansion to Fallout 4 is all about but of course it has moral meaning and moral choices.

The arrival at Nuka World is abrupt and somewhat forced, seeing as you have to get through a death trap which takes maybe 30 minutes if you go fast and ends in a boss fight which takes 20 minutes or more, no matter what level you are, you still find it a little bit tough. I came in with Level 68 character, and I still have to take him on and took him out around the 25 minutes but if you’re a level 90 or above, it will be a bit more difficult but you can swipe him out because Fallout’s level scaling is bullshit, also bring a Fat Man in if you want to take him out in less time.

For some reason, after you kill him, you become the new Raider boss of the park and you need to show skill in leadership to lead all the different raider groups in the park or break them apart because the different raider groups in the park have come together but they don’t like one another, but they respect one another for the peace and for peace’s sake.



I have been to a few attractions, I haven’t been to the other sections but I can already see that each attraction is it’s own little playground and feels like a small DLC which is great, each attraction lasting between one or three hours and that includes eliminating the threats that inhabit the attraction.  My favorite attraction so far is the Galactic Zone which is like something from the 1950s and 1940s era of amusement park history or the era in the general, a land of tomorrow, the land of the future.Each of the attractions is visually distinctive and visually different from each other, like for example in the Galactic Zone: You’ll find Space Mountain, Battlebots homage to the Safari Adventure’s Island of Dr. Moreau and Tarzan easter eggs or reference, you’ll find automated aliens in the model of the enemies that you found on Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3, it’s a great place to explore.

The other attraction is Dry Gulch which is based like a Western movie set or something out of a Western, short and easy. From salons, to bars, and many things that you have seen in Westerns, the attraction has it all, give or take.

Nuka World seems to have it all, the key part is obviously the exploration of the park itself. The main hub is large which is the entrance to the park itself, it has a vendor area, different parts of the entrances like the Zoo and the Parlor which houses two Raider gangs and in the far end, there’s a lake and a Castle which serves as your headquarters. It feels very much like Disneyland or Disneyworld, the Castle looks like it belongs in Disneyland, much of the park looks to be like Disneyland or Disneyworld in nature and that’s what makes the park so amusing to explore.

Fallout 4: Nuka World seems to be an alright piece of content for Fallout 4, can’t wait to play some more. Check out my review soon.




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