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Letters from the Front



The Turing Test is a game that’s more like Interstellar: The Game then anything while mixed in with Portal and Portal 2’s gameplay, it’s a fascinating game and a game that I haven’t seen since Portal 2 back in 2011. It walks a line that is familiar and yet so fascinating to see, it’s a game that all’s about themes and philosophy that seems to resonate with us now in the modern age, what is human? 

The Turing Test is about a robot and a human, and the human has to determine if it’s human or not. They speak through text channel seen on a computer. All of this, the meaning and the word “Turing Test” gets a breakthrough through a game that I’ve been spending a little bit of time on, and it’s been pleasant to play something and get away from a certain war at the dawn of the 20th century. The Turing Test ( game ) is very pleasant and beautiful, it plays like Portal and Portal 2 with puzzles and shooting a gun that doesn’t shoot out bullets or projectiles.  It’s clever and challenging, and all of this is done by the guys that are currently working on Battalion 1944, you might have heard of that little game.

It takes place in Europa at some point in the future, and you play as Eva Turing as she tries to find out what happened on the planet, it feels like 2001: A Space Odyssey mixed in with Interstellar and a bit of the original BioShock based on how it feels and how I feel while playing it, I feel like there’s a twist at some point in the game and I feel like I’ll be shocked when I get to the point but also it feels familiar in the sense that I have seen this before and I think that’s what makes it all exciting.

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So far, there’s nothing else to tell because of Spoilers but be on the lookout for my review coming soon.




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