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Letters from the Front


What an experience it has been. It was a movable feast, soldiers on the way to the battlefield in their trucks, on their horses, in their tanks, and in their airplanes of a 100 years ago and using early 20th century technology. There wasn’t an ACOG scope on one of their weapons, there wasn’t a night vision FLIR scope or a hint of a suppressor on their gun, everybody’s gun was equal. It was a movable feast to be in a war that everybody said it wouldn’t work, to play a game that we never saw before and to learn more about a war that everybody has seem to forgotten.

Battlefield 1’s beta drew me in and I couldn’t seem to let it go, after what seemed like ages of Overwatch , I got a chance to play something refreshing this past week ( August 31st – September 8th.) , and it did feel refreshing to play a military shooter that I actually care about and that I actually want to see where it leads. Battlefield 1 is something that is special or at least in my heart (  because it’s been forever and I wanted a World War game for such a long time ) , but it’s something special because it’s the world’s first ever Triple A World War I game. Nobody has ever done this before, we got plenty of World War II games in the ‘2000s and now it has shifted to modern, contemporary modern or far future warfare as seen in the last two Call of Dutys or in Battlefield 4’s last expansion, there’s some sort of staleness going on in the Military FPS genre and I feel like Battlefield 1 will end that staleness or at least open up the industry’s eyes that yes, you can do a World War I game and do it successfully as long as you know what you’re doing.


The best part of Battlefield 1’s beta was everything, including the gameplay and the gunplay. The gunplay was modern and felt a bit older as well, like the gunplay of Bad Company 2 and 1942. I really like the look of the older weapons like the Lewis Gun and the Benoit 1908 LMG, the gameplay was classic Battlefield instead of Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 3. It felt right for the time period, and what I really liked about it is the premise.

Unlike some other games where the premise doesn’t get me or draw me in, Battlefield 1 certainly did. It’s refreshing although a huge difference from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3, I had to get used to the traction of the tanks and of couse the flight mechanics of the biplane, unlike where you’re flying a jet or a chopper in Battlefield 3 or 4, you’re actually flying an airplane in Battlefield 1 outfitted for bombing runs, infantry runs, or what have you. The airplane was the hardest thing to adjust to because it felt like it was inverted when it wasn’t and you have to try not to crash, make a hard U-turn and continue your run. The tank wasn’t hard to adjust too, just it was too slow 😉 . But everything was great to play and just felt refreshing ( I know I’m using that word alot but it is.)

The Beta was a great experience, I can’t wait to get in the full game once the game drops October 13th, October 18th, and October 21st. Everything about Battlefield 1 is awesome and it doesn’t feel like any other installment other then 1942 ( which is a good thing.) and the best part is that I’m learning more about the Great War now that the game introduced me to a war that I barely knew anything about. It was an eventful experience.

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