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Letters from the Front



We’ve already seen the world of Battlefield 1 and how breathtaking the world can be when death and destruction is everywhere, sand storms come and blow away your vision, landscapes are turned into foxholes and dead soldiers are everywhere, and buildings come crashing down from a shot of a tank. I went hands on with the game when the beta was playable two weeks ago and when it ended this week, read on and find out what I found so intriguing about Battlefield 1.

Like alot of gamers who play Military Shooters, especially first person shooters, I was intrigued when they showed the reveal trailer this past Summer and it doesn’t get much cooler when you see the next title in the Battlefield franchise is a WW1 shooter and it’s all about a new type of warfare. I have nothing against Call of Duty ( I basically grew up with Call of Duty and Battlefield at the same time, but recently I’ve been drawn to Battlefield.) or Futuristic Shooters in general but it’s starting to get a little stale when you see the next game in a franchise is futuristic again or modern again. Going from “Contemporary Modern  Warfare” like seen in Battlefield 4 and going to the “Near Future” Warfare in the final expansion to Battlefield 4 and going to WW1 for the first time is a big change and I was skeptical because everyone said WW1 is boring and stupid for a videogame but I was deeply excited at the same time, but when I got a chance to play the game in the beta all of those fears went away and I came away with something so memorable.

It’s rare to see a developer that’s been doing Modern Warfare since 2142 and Bad Company to go to a war that nobody knows about or everybody seems to forget that WW1 actually happened, and somehow that’s exciting in itself. To have a war that nobody has done before in the medium of videogames is exciting and to come away with a need to learn everything about WW1 is exciting in itself. Everything felt “real” albeit some attachments that didn’t exist in the era but that’s alright, that’s the world we live in because we’ve gotten the use of attachments in videogames but everything felt “real” and responsive. Everything was chaotic around me, tanks, airplanes doing bombing runs, and horses running around, soldiers firing guns at each other.


France, 1917. 


The controls felt responsive, smooth, and easy to control on foot but when you’re in the air, the controls felt inverted but still easy to learn when you’re in the air. I like how DICE is giving us the option to fight the way we want, you want to fight with a knife? Go ahead. You want to fight with a bayoneted Bolt Action? Go ahead. Want to fight with a LMG or any SMG? Go right ahead. There is so many options to play Multiplayer with that it’s exciting to see the customization and the fighting styles. You have to learn what weapon you’re good at and stick with it, it’s the biggest takeaway I learned when I sat down and played Battlefield 1 for the first time.

When I usually see some FPS games, I’m like Eh? Not interested but Battlefield 1 definitely took me by surprise. I just hope the story isn’t like other recent Battlefield games that aren’t Bad Company or Bad Company 2, for a game that’s about to break boundaries and break exceptions ( I hope this is the case for the rest of the Industry.) , it will be a sad day when the story of Battlefield 1 is just “Meh” and not very good but the multiplayer is fantastic. I just have a few apprehensions about Battlefield 1 but I hope this game can break barriers and break exceptions for a setting that’s never been done before.


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