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Letters from the Front



Since it’s release nine years ago, we have never seen a game like BioShock  and we have never felt the same way about FPS games ever again. BioShock changed the world and changed the industry, it was an achievement and it still is an achievement in videogames, we never seen a game like it then back in 2007 and now in 2016 and going forward, we may never see a game of it’s kind ever again.

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, at a depth where man can’t even swim down too without succumbing to the pressure of the ocean lies a city of gold and this city holds the future of mankind if Atomic War ever occurred on the surface above, humanity will have a place to thrive. It’s here at the depths of the Atlantic Ocean where a shining metropolis beneath the waves was created, with the world’s best and most brightest scientists, a man by the name of Andrew Ryan created Rapture at the end of World War II to build a better tomorrow for mankind. A place where there is no religion, a place where there is no kings and a place where it’s just only man, a city where science can thrive without the need for government inference and a city where man can thrive but something went terribly wrong on New Year’s Eve, 1958 and this city beneath the waves wasn’t made of gold anymore.

As your bathysphere descends towards this paradise, you are struck by it’s marvel and it sinks in that something has happened to this city of promises and you are hit once again, no matter how many years it has been, that mankind has busted through a wall and in result, mankind went too far. It’s not until once again, you step foot in the Welcome Center that this realization has hit you once again.

It turns into a journey of discovery once again, laced with hints and clues about what occurred on that eventful New Year’s Eve and easter eggs littered across the levels in the form of videos titled “Imagining BioShock” which sees Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson talking with Geoff Knightly ( just for the record, I only found two so far.) , it’s great to return to this sunken city of promises and find easter eggs and find worthwhile information that you never knew about. As you play through the levels, you are stricken once again that BioShock is a uniquely compelling game, one that you may never see again in your gaming career. Every time you play BioShock, you feel like you don’t belong in this city and you don’t know where you are, like you’re a fish out of the water and on dry land as this compelling world turns around you.


Little Sisters and their protectors, the Big Daddies who are lumbering giants in creepy scuba diving outfits (from the late 1880s to the early 20th century) roam the leaky halls of Rapture in stunning detail and HD graphics meant for modern day. The graphics are stunning and Rapture comes alive more then ever before, definitely more then the original and the original still looks good now in 2016 but the environment, the character models, the weaponry, the water when it falls on the cement all look extraordinary and I love how the game looks now, it looks completely stunning to me anyways.

So far, BioShock: Remastered is looking to be that hit wonder all over again. It’s perfect, and it’s too genius for it’s own good even now with the remaster, it’s still too genius. I’m completely sold that this game even now in it’s remastered form is a game that will never be toppled from it’s chair because nothing can and will live up to it. If you haven’t played BioShock ever in your life, go pick up the collection, you will not regret it and be on the lookout for my review coming soon.

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