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Letters from the Front



As deeply as I want a new Dead Space, I don’t think we’ll ever get one again. Before Resident Evil went to the shitter, does anybody remember when Resident Evil was actually good? EA delivered a surprise present to Capcom and to everybody who played videogames when, in October of 2008, EA Redwood Shore ( Now Visceral.) rocked our world with what could possibly be the most scariest game of that year.

Dead Space was a vision that came out of EA, EA wanted a fresh  project other then Medal of Honor, Madden, NBA Live, and Battlefield. What came about was Mirror’s Edge and our man in space, Issac Clarke’s journey in the far reaches of the galaxy, it is the first time that I said that EA has the guts to make a horror game, because at the time Condemned 2 just came out and F.E.A.R: Extraction Point came out a year earlier in 2007 with F.E.A.R Files,a collection of the two expansions so it was still new.

If you remember, Dead Space was about Issac Clarke’s journey through the Ishimura and his journey to save mankind from the necromorphs, a product of reanimation from the Black Marker, and these guys have serious space issues like getting up in your face. Issac was a man of no words, he was a complete mute but his actions were badass when he broke out the most badass tools that you ever did see this side of the galaxy. That Plasma Cutter, oomph.

The Plasma Cutter which seems like a piece of garbage at first, turns itself into a instrument of dismemberment. It’s nifty at slicing and dicing the enemy, Issac tore the Necromorphs a new one and it’s a weapon in a game that no other game can ever replicate, and it took gibbing to a whole new level of “WHOAA.” , it was strategic and awesome to see that these guys wouldn’t go down with a headshot or a shot to the knee (😉 ) , these guys would go down when you aimed at their arms but the combat doesn’t take the cake, I think what makes the original Dead Space so original is that it’s setting is amazing: The Ishimura.


I see… Peng.


The Ishimura was a place that made you want to get out of there and I feel like it’s a direct comparison to Rapture, it’s a setting that makes you feel claustrophic and it’s a place where you feel alien and it feels exotic but in a strange way, that you never been here before. Blood smeared walls, audio diaries laying around, grimy work benches, dimly lit hallways and creepy bathrooms. I think that the Ishimura goes down in gaming history as a setting that is very uncomfortable.

Dead Space spawned two sequels: Dead Space 2 which was amazing and the “meh” game titled Dead Space 3, which was very underwhelming and just not very good and which wrapped up the trilogy. Now that Visceral is working on a Star Wars game with Amy Henning, I hope the next game they do is Dead Space 4 written by Amy Henning. Can you get behind that, old sport?

Even if they don’t, I would take a remaster out of the Original Dead Space or just do all three. Without Dead Space, I believe that we would never get games like Outlast, Outlast 2, and Alien: Isolation. Survival Horror wouldn’t be where it’s at without you, Dead Space.

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