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Letters from the Front


Photo from VICE.


If you’re a big fan of military shooters like I am, then you must have played the Battlefield 1 open beta which closed on the 8th of September, the beta had the whole nine yards. The weapons of a bygone era was authentic, the first tanks were authentic, even down to the battlefields of the Great War were authentic despite seeing only one map.

I enjoyed absolutely everything, riding a horse into battle was exotic, flying the world’s first airplane outfitted for war was frustrating but yet exhilarating. Conquest and Rush was great, classic Battlefield gameplay it’s something that you might have seen back in the days of Bad Company or 1942 / 1943, it’s classic gameplay if you played those games, you know what I mean.

As a longtime Battlefield player, I of course went to Conquest which is the signature mode for all the Battlefields. Most of the time, I stuck with a LMG and a rifleman with a bolt action rifle like how we’ve always seen in the photos when we take a look at The Great War and to be honest, it was hard and yet so rewarding. I feel like I’m going to drop Overwatch once Battlefield 1 drops next month.



I didn’t feel any barrier that was going to hinder my experience with Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, Overwatch is a great game, in my eyes it’s a masterpiece of a game. I found love with Overwatch, it’s a game that I’ve been playing for months now, almost the entire summer. It’s the game that brought me back into online multiplayer, I was considering on not returning to online multiplayer until I picked up Overwatch, I was bored of it until Overwatch came out. But now, Battlefield 1 has caught my eye.

Battlefield 1 is a shooter that I haven’t played, it’s a game that I feel very strongly about it, yes it maybe more Battlefield but it’s a game that feels unique this time around, it’s a game that feels different. Battlefield 1 is so different then Modern Warfare Remasted or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , even Overwatch. Battlefield 1 isn’t just another historical shooter, it’s a historical shooter that we never got before, it’s almost groundbreaking what DICE has done with the Battlefield brand, to go to a war that we’ve never seen before in the medium is truly something special and it’s a return to Bad Company style aesthetics  which is War on every front, even in the countryside.

Battlefield 1, just like Overwatch is something truly revolutionary, I hope it becomes a masterpiece because not only do I have some sort of expection out of the singleplayer, since I already took a sneak peak at Multiplayer but because of the burden it has on it’s shoulders, imagine if the world’s first WW1 videogame was a disaster? It has alot riding on it.

If it had not been for Overwatch, I might not have played the open beta for Battlefield 1 and opening my eyes to a game that I might have overlooked in the multiplayer department but thank you, Overwatch. I’m sure I’ll tire of Battlefield 1 in the next couple of years, until the next one either that be Bad Company 3, 2143, 1944, or Battlefield 5 but for now, I see myself playing it for some time.

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