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Letters from the Front



Hey, whoever you are and you like videogames,  you might have played these games but if you are new to videogames, then you must find these games at once, if they still exist that is. I have been playing games for years, a long time now and I’ve seen some masterpieces, good, decent, and even the worst videogames ever in modern gaming history. I came up with 12 games for you to play if you’re new or if you’re looking for some nostalgia. Let’s take a look?

#12: Portal 2 ( 2011.)



Portal 2 was an amazing game. Dark, comedic, interesting, and brain torturing. Portal 2 is a joy from the beginning to the end, definitely one of gaming’s most memorable games. It’s the sequel to 2007’s Portal which is also great, a defining game of the generation, play both actually.

#11: Grand Theft Auto ( 1997-present.)



Let’s be honest here, everybody has heard of Grand Theft Auto. It’s been ingrained in American society and ingrained all across the world, you hear it on the news, you read it in the New York Times, you hear the name “Grand Theft Auto” everywhere. Rockstar has ingrained one of gaming’s most iconic franchises in society, it’s everywhere and each time, it breaks records. Grand Theft Auto is truly a masterpiece, even more so is the latest installment which dropped in 2013-2015, Grand Theft Auto V.

#10: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ( 2015.) 



To be honest, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a gift that really keeps on giving, no matter what side you see it from. The game is a absolute masterpiece, it’s a gem of a game. This spot was reserved for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but I had a change of heart playing the saga and especially playing this game, do better Bethesda.

#9: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ( 2006.) 



One of the last generation’s most defining games, The Elder Scrolls defined RPG games until The Witcher 3 came along. This game broke everybody’s life who played it, it was everything that you wanted. An open world, fantasy, and much more, it’s a game that has gone down into the halls of gaming history.

#8: Fallout 3 ( 2008.) 



This game is an instant cult classic, the music, the setting, the return to Fallout after what seemed like years. Fallout 3 is one of gaming’s most precious achievements, it’s definitely an highlight.

#7: The Mass Effect Saga ( 2007-2012.) 



Gaming’s most iconic trilogies in years, there’s nothing like Mass Effect, it’s the Star Wars of videogames. There’s really nothing like it, iconic, the trilogy is a masterpiece in storytelling and of one character’s journey although Mass Effect 3 was lacking, it’s still good. But if you want to play one, go with Mass Effect 2. If you haven’t played Mass Effect, go and do it now.

#6: Mafia II ( 2010.) 



Unlike Grand Theft Auto, the Mafia series is realistic, dark, and somber, and alot of things that Grand Theft Auto isn’t. Mafia II is a game that isn’t a Grand Theft Auto clone like most open world crime games are, Mafia II is a game that obviously deals with the Mafia but it’s more like a job simulator then anything which makes it stand out. You go to the mission, you complete the mission, and you go home,go to sleep and do it all over again. It’s a linear experience that really has strong writing. Go play it.


#7: Super Mario Galaxy ( 2007.)  



Remember 2007? Remember how great 2007 was in terms of gaming? I do and do you remember the Wii and a certain game by the name of Super Mario Galaxy? I bet you do.

I never owned a Wii or played Super Mario Galaxy but I know it’s importance in being one of gaming’s iconic games from the past ten years, if you have a Wii U or still have a Wii, go play it.

#6: BioShock 2 ( 2010.) 



Now, BioShock 2 is a game that is tricky when I talk about it. It’s a game that is either “good” or “unnecessary” when I talk about it and truth be told, I’m not sure if you can blend them in but it is good and yet unnecessary, it’s a game that does what the original did but better. Better gameplay, better mechanics, and it feels great to play and yet it feels unnecessary.

Unnecessary in the way that the original BioShock never needed a sequel in the first place, that BioShock 2 was made out of what I call the “Godfather” syndrome, The Godfather was a perfect movie, it never needed a sequel so in turn, BioShock never needed a sequel. It feels familiar, it feels more samey but yet different in a way. If you’re up  for it, go play it.

#5: Dark Souls ( 2011-2016.) 



WINNER: DARK SOULS, remember that? That was a meme going around when the original Dark Souls released in 2011, Dark Souls has entered our sphere has one of the hardest games of the past ten years. You just die, die, die, and die again until you learn your mistakes, it’s definitely a game that doesn’t hold your hand. Go play the trilogy if you want to be challenged.

#4: Left 4 Dead ( 2008.)



Valve’s classic Left 4 Dead has become a cult-classic with gamers. Nearly everyone has played it, it’s a game that has left a legacy alongside Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3. All of us are still waiting to see if these games will ever release but for the time being, go back and play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.


#3: Red Dead Redemption ( 2010.)



Red Dead Redemption is one of gaming’s true masterpieces that belongs with Half-Life 2, BioShock, Portal, Portal 2, etc. Red Dead Redemption is ecstatic, it’s entertaining, and it does everything with perfection. It’s rare that you find a game like this, while we’re waiting for the sequel: Red Dead 3 which is bound to be announced anytime now, Rockstar…, maybe it’s a good time for you to play Red Dead Redemption. It’s a classic western.

#2: BioShock ( 2007.) 



If you haven’t played BioShock then I recommend that you play it, it’s a game that you’ll never see again in your career of gaming, only once under a blue moon that you’ll find a game like BioShock. It’s rare to play a game that is done with such perfectness down to the letter, it’s rare to play a game where everything just comes together. You won’t look at FPS games the same way again.

#1: Half-Life 2 ( 2004.) 



This takes the cake for number one game that must be played. Half-Life 2 is beloved, it’s a classic, and it’s a testament to what games should be, it’s a shame that a few games have seen this and say “Yes, this is how games should be.” , I don’t think we’ll ever see a game like Half-Life 2 again. While we’re waiting patiently, which seems like it will be an eternity  for Half-Life 3, it’s a good time to return to Half-Life 2.

Half-Life 2 is just a classic game, it’s a game that really shines, everything comes together in the way the game tells it’s story and in the way how the characters interact. It’s a game that I really enjoy, you must play it.

4 comments on “12 Games that You Should Have Played, Really.

  1. Nice list! Some of those are on my backlog, most need to be added to my backlog, but I’ve actually played through three of them: GTA V, SMG, and Fallout 3.Such awesome games! 🙂

    1. Physics says:

      Thanks! GTA V is such a classic, masterpiece! @lightningnightnova

  2. Great list! I can definitely say that Portal, Red Dead Redemption, the Mass Effect series, and Oblivion are on my personal list.

    1. Physics says:

      Oblivion was too good. I really really like that game.

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