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Rockstar Games created a monster when GTA III released in 2001, since then Grand Theft Auto has become a franchise that is known world wide and a franchise that has ingrained itself in American society, everybody knows Grand Theft Auto even if they never played the game in the first place, everybody knows. You’ve heard it on the radio perhaps, you’ve watched it being discussed on Television, you’ve probably read it in the New York Times, Grand Theft Auto is everywhere.

In honor of celebrating the latest Grand Theft Auto installment’s anniversary which that being is Grand Theft Auto V, which is a complete masterpiece. I came up with six moments that have stuck with me since playing the revolutionary GTA III.

Three Leaf Clover ( Grand Theft Auto IV.)


Not from the Mission. Just a screenshot.

Let’s be honest here, Grand Theft Auto isn’t a perfect game. It’s a satire on the American way of life, the American dream, American society, and much more. It does things poorly like for example, the hand to hand combat. In every Grand Theft Auto game, the hand to hand combat isn’t as great as the gunplay but what makes up for in gameplay, makes it up in missions: Grand Theft Auto does great heist missions.

Grand Theft Auto IV is the game in the series is least loved or least well-liked for well, being dark and super somber. It adds a little bit of edge in what I call, one of the greatest missions of all time: Three Leaf Clover.

You’re contacted by one of the McReary Brothers who are a gang of Irish-Americans that somehow Niko has fallen in with, the next thing you know you’re wearing a mask, a cool pressed suit, and a M4 and breaking into a bank and coming out with a cool $1 million.

3D ( Grand Theft Auto III. ) 


Grand Theft Auto III was a revolution in game making, I remember seeing the opening sequence and saying the word “Crap” or now “Fuck.”

For me, this wasn’t a videogame, it was an experience, almost like you’re watching a movie. Never once was there a GTA game that was in 3D, everything was in 3D dimensions, the characters, the buildings, the cars. I remember being blown away by it and much like many games since Grand Theft Auto III that have become masterpieces in game making, I was in awe of it.

Introduction to Trevor ( Grand Theft Auto V.) 


You’re way out in the ass end of nowhere, and you meet Johnny, our leather clad protagonist from Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned on his way to meet Trevor who’s banging Ashley, Johnny’s girlfriend which has Johnny fed up and he’s been taking this for a while now.

I feel like up until this point, Grand Theft Auto V was underwhelming but then it turned out and introduced us to Trevor. Trevor isn’t the series best character or this game in my opinion, I feel that Grand Theft Auto V’s best character is Franklin but nevermind that, Trevor is a weapon. He’s as close as to pure evil that you’ll ever get to in a Grand Theft Auto game, he bashes in Johnny’s skull against the sidewalk all the while yelling “Cunt!” and you, well, like me are sitting there in PJ’s on a Friday Morning in the Fall Season just stunned. Trevor is a character that embodies true evil and shows us what villains should be like.

Ludendorf ( Grand Theft Auto V.) 


All things come round, whether you like it or not, it will come. GTA V opens up in Ludendorf in 2004 (?) , as Michael, Trevor, and Brad does a job on the local bank and soon, everything goes haywire. Michael is shot and left for dead, brad is dead, and Trevor escapes.

Then later on in the game, you return to the cold streets of Lundendorf for the truth, for the big surprise and a showdown with Trevor and Michael, this shows us that Trevor cannot be trusted at all and is evil. It’s like one of those books you read, that you have a suspicion that one of the characters cannot be trusted and it turns that he cannot be trusted at all.

The Entirety of GTA IV: TBOGT ( GTA IV.) 



I personally believe that the second expansion pack to Grand Theft Auto IV, titled “TBOGT.” is one of the best expansions that I’ve ever played, it’s great.  It’s funny and it’s different then the main game and the first expansion, TLAD. It doesn’t take itself seriously like either of those, it’s a refreshment of the dark and somber and more classic GTA like Vice City , it’s a great expansion.

Kent Paul and Maccer ( Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.)


In possibly the most deja vu and excitement in any person’s career in gaming is when I saw Kent Paul again in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I was like “OHHHHH.”

Danny Dyer’s performance as Kent Paul  is a national treasure, his performance is the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game.  Twice.

In San Andreas, Danny Dyer was lost in the desert with Shaun Ryder and after doing Peyote, they in a car with our main man, CJ and they bring the hilarious-ness and laughter in a few cutscenes that looked to be throwaway.

4 comments on “GTA: Six Greatest Moments

  1. The heists are definitely a high point of the GTA games. It’s what I remember the most about them. I still maintain that San Andreas was the height of the series to this day, despite how I enjoyed GTA IV and V. GTA IV had the most mature storyline, even if it was handicapped by a lack of consistency.

    1. Physics says:

      I agree with that notion. San Andreas is just too good, I feel like GTA IV was just really dark notion of the American Dream which I like, a unique take but it was sorta depressing.

      The heists are the best part of any GTA game. They’re great.

  2. I still remember that twisted Trevor guy…

    I’m a huge fan of the GTA series. I really enjoy the satirical humor in it. The developers slipped in so many humorous billboards, radio stations, etc. All the little details make the games shine. San Andreas is still my favourite. I’ll never forget flying through the desert with a jet pack, on my way to rob a casino, lol

    1. Physics says:

      I’ll never forget flying to Area 51 and getting six stars. I’m a huge fan of the GTA Series, basically anything to do with Rockstar. ( GTA, Bully, The Warriors, Manhunt, Red Dead.) I just like their games, alot.

      I really like the GTA Games because they’re literally making fun of the American lifestyle and at the American Society. The whole game and franchise is a satire of American lifestyle and society.

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