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Letters from the Front



Looking at the blue skies of Hoth on my first match since I left Battlefront in December and I look around and see another TIE Fighter fuck up and crash right into the ground, the TIE Fighter exploding into a crisp fireball as several rebel soldiers come my way until Darth Vader shows up and fucks them up with his lightsaber and I’m just standing there in awe until somebody picks up Luke Skywalker and a epic fight ensures, only to see Darth Vader go home.

Star Wars: Battlefront is still a game that I don’t see myself playing for very long  but I think the Death Star Expansion that released recently is alright. I got to play on the Death Star map and doing the trench run in-game was cool but I didn’t feel really compelled to actually play the game longer. I’m not sure why, maybe it has to do with the fact that I didn’t play the game for long and maybe it’s an alright Star Wars game in the overall game franchise ( Still think KOTOR, KOTOR II, Battlefront, Battlefront II are the best Star Wars games ever.)

Anyways, I’m in the trench run doing battle with a TIE Fighter who shows up and I destroy his ass until I miraculously crash the X-Wing and I watch as the vehicle goes up in flames, so much for my flying skills. I respawn and do it again, this time getting in an X-Wing again and actually do a little bit of effort and this time getting more kills and actually going out into space and dog-fighting the Imperials.

I feel like this what Star Wars: Battlefront should’ve been like in the original version of the game, space battles, doing trench runs, and doing other things like fighting in the Death Star and the entire nine yards, instead they pushed me away and I never came back until I decided to give the Death Star a shot.



I got a chance to play some of the modes which is currently available for the expansion and I really liked the Fighter Squadron one which is based outside the Death Star  and fight in space and the same map is used in Battle Station which is similar to Operations in Battlefield 1.

Battle Station is a reverse mode from Walker Assault, this mode recreates the scenes from the film. The final part of Battle Station is the Trench Run and you can do the same in Fighter Squadron, it feels like the Original Battlefront and feels like something you can get behind, too bad it’s already late for me. I’m most likely won’t stick around until Star Wars: Battlefront II ( EA DICE.) comes around which I suspect will be 2017 or 2018 since DICE takes their time with Battlefield and Battlefront.

Anyways, the new Star Wars expansion is fine but it isn’t for me yet again, I’ll still play it for a short time.


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