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Letters from the Front



“Oh, life could be a dream if I could take you in paradise up above if you would tell me I’m the only one that you love, life could be dream, sweetheart…” sings the Crew-Cuts on my pip-boy radio as I lead a group of raiders to a settlement but it isn’t any settlement, it’s one of the main hubs for the Minutemen since the minutemen is right across the hill, the settlement is Finch Farm, the settlement that has problems with Super Mutants, I’m happily slaughtering everybody, pumping rounds into everybody I see and I say to myself: I’m a fucking Raider.

Fallout 4’s last and great expansion lets you become a raider as you take over the amusement park known as Nuka World which resides in the western half of the Massachusetts Commonwealth, that’s great news right for those like myself who wanted to become a raider but there’s also bad news: It’s disappointing due to the repetitiveness of the quests and routine business. After picking up a signal, you must travel to the Amusement Park and once you arrive, you find the park in complete disrepair and you find three raider groups that reside in the park: The Pack, The Operators, and the Disciples and turns out that each of these raider groups are like the rest of the Commonwealth factions: They need help.

While Nuka World is raider land, they’ve claimed the main hub and the rest of the park is up for grabs and most of it is dull, except for Galactic Zone and you must enter each section and deal with the enemies. I’d guess that your first 10-20 hours will be shooting up the place while doing radiant quests in the Commonwealth.

There are a few diversions in the park and there is a guy who lives with gorillas   and there is another guy that has a cool hat and cool outfit.



Also you will be spending most of your time doing quests for the raider bosses, radiant style quests that are repetitive and boring because they send you back to the Commonwealth, it’s just boring. I’m in a massive map, let me do something around the map, outside the amusement park.

The amusement park, Nuka World is massive although there wasn’t mileage. You can participate in the games, once you get the power up and running, you can get on the rides ( those that still works.) , it’s all very cute but it feels like it’s just lonely since noone is playing the games and are just standing around.

Once you reclaim the entire park, the next step is the Commonwealth and there’s a whole world to be conquered. I’m blasting people left and right with my crew at Finch Farm, chewing up Minutemen and the settlers, until I force the remaining settlers to give me supplies for the rest of the crew at Greentop Nursery. Being a raider is fun, until I felt off about it.

I was hoping that Fallout 4 would turn tactical when I played the expansion, like I would command my own squad and stuff like that, but I was disappointed but no matter what, I set my eyes on Taffington Boathouse, I wiped those settlers out and convinced the remaining settlers to send supplies.



Attacking Settlements is great fun and being a raider is great fun but there’s hours of hours of chores to be done which honestly kills a little bit of the vibe but it’s still a great expansion.

Farewell, Fallout. See you when I see you, it’s been a pleasure.


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