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Letters from the Front


The Battle of the Argonne.


I love the aspects and the originality of Battlefield 1. It’s a loud game that is able to speak volumes once Battlefield 1 drops this week  and the following week for the worldwide release on the 21st of October.

Couple months ago, I got to play the beta and I loved it, despite the map wasn’t the best map and it struck me this week when I was watching the livestream and will continue today with the new mode, Operations that World War is the perfect setting for Battlefield.

Battlefield 1’s setting is doing wonders that nobody saw coming or nobody really looked forward to due to the aspect of “World War I was a slow war, trench warfare, it will be so boring.” but Battlefield 1 doesn’t do World War I boring, it makes the setting exciting and ultimately, it’s refreshing to see a game return to a World War setting and pull it off.

The game has limitations to what you can do and cannot do which is a lot to say because in Battlefield 3/4 and Hardline was modern technology so you could do a lot of things with an M4 and an Abrams Tank but this different. The technology of the early 1900’s is hard to use and hard to understand since we never had a chance to go to a setting like this, it’s learning how to use the weapons and along with the bulky tanks and the tricky biplanes, it’s a learning curve.


A German Medic in St.Quentin.


The scrappier shooting goes well with the gameplay and the direction of the game. The shooting is tight and you have to literally use anything in your inventory to bring the pain to the Central Powers or to the Entente if you’re on the opposite team, it’s combat where you kill or be killed. It’s brutal combat, hand-to-hand, and charging into a town or a trenchline and using your shotgun to blow the enemy to shreds, it isn’t 1914 combat, it’s 1917-1918 combat where the Great War evolved from a slow war into a fast war but this is a novel approach at World War I, you can tell by the behemoths.

Battlefield somehow belongs here, I was skeptical on how a World War I era shooter would be like. I was thinking before Battlefield 1, that WWI would be so boring until the game impressed me to do research on World War I and I was intrigued by how this war took mankind into the modern age with technological advances set forth by the Industrial Revolution.

As the gathering storm approaches in the next couple days, I’m starting to wonder if this is the setting where Battlefield always belonged in the 20th century, from 1918 to 1942 and beyond, not somewhere in the modern day or somewhere in the near future.

3 comments on “Surprisingly, World War is the Right Setting for Battlefield.

  1. captainxena says:

    Great post! Have you ever posted on other gaming sites before?

    1. Physics says:

      IGN but mainly that’s it.

      1. captainxena says:

        Well, if you’re interested in posting on Now Loading take a look at our site and if you like what you see, then shoot me an email!

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