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Letters from the Front


Battlefield 1 is a game that proves that you can do something correctly and well done and still fuck everybody’s perception of a World War I game. It’s a step forward instead of a step backwards.

Battlefield 1 feels like a big step away from the Military Shooter doctrine that seems to be the regular document in most military shooter games, like I said it’s a step in the right direction.

The first step lays in the Multiplayer ( I’m yet to try out Singleplayer.) and the multiplayer is easily one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve played since Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010, the classes have changed and everything has a feel of cinematic. Something, you might see in Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. It’s the type of multiplayer experience that makes you want to come back every day and every week, it’s an experience that none of us have had since Bad Company 2 or Black Ops. It’s the type of experience that holds weight and is really good.

Like I said, the classes have changed and the entire multiplayer experience has changed. It isn’t Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, it feels alot like Bad Company and Bad Company 2 which is a good thing. In Battlefield 1, War is fought everywhere. From the French city of Amiens to St. Quentin and to the Argonne and stretches all the way to the Italian Alps and fighting in the deserts of Arabia as the British Empire is on a quest for Oil in 1914. The multiplayer experience is classic and traditional Battlefield, something that we haven’t seen truthfully since 1942, the original Battlefield that launched in 2002 and that’s extremely good.


Amiens, 1918.

I’m falling in love with Battlefield 1 and it’s a game that we haven’t seen since World at War in 2008 and that’s something truly special. On Operations which is a recreation of the battles fought in The Great War, you have to push the frontline and that takes close to 2 or 3 hours, depending on how hard you fight. On the Operation, Kaiserschalt which saw The Germans pushing the British out of France and push them back towards the sea when the Eastern Front collapsed. The whole goal for that operation is push the frontline and push the British out into Amiens and defeat them or if you play as the British, you have to repel the German counterattack and hold your ground.

There are other Operations as well, there is one that is called Conquer through Hell which pits you as the Americans and the Germans during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in the Fall of 1918, this Operation is my favorite as the two maps are what I believe, classic maps. Ballroom Blitz is the first map and it’s nothing but trenchlines and bunkers, and as you push forward, the map opens up to reveal a classic 1700’s French Chateau with a Ballroom and then if you take that, the map opens up again and you have to fight over a trainyard that holds vital supplies for the Germans and for the Americans. If the Americans win, the Germans lure them into a death trap at the Argonne.

The Argonne is my one of my favorite maps in the entire Battlefield 1 multiplayer experience, the Argonne is a complete deathtrap. It’s a maze of bunkers and trenchlines, and close quarter combat so take out the Shotguns and the SMG’s and the knifes for some brutal combat. The trenchlines on the map are brutal and they see brutal combat, hand-to-hand combat, bayonet charges, and shotguns for the win. It’s a lush forest that rivals Battlefront’s Endor for the most beautiful forest map, it’s a map that holds true for the actual battle and it’s a classic FPS map that incorporates the three lanes famously. If the Americans win, the operation will tell you what happens next as the Americans push forward into the Hindenberg Line as the war will come to a close soon. Operations is my favorite gamemode, goodbye Conquest.


The Italian Alps.

So far, Battlefield 1’s multiplayer is a step in the right direction and I’m extremely satisfied with it. The first step in the right direction lays in the multiplayer, the second step lays in the Singleplayer and that you will need to come back tomorrow for my first impressions into the Singleplayer.

Battlefield 1 is shaping up to be a extremely special game and one of those games that we rarely get in this industry. Good job, DICE.

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