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Letters from the Front


Now that Red Dead  ( 3.) Redemption 2 is a real thing and we’ve been waiting for a lifetime since Redemption released in 2010, and is set to release next Fall which is a long time from now. The first hint of the game’s plot is “an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland.” Rockstar goes on to talk about how it also plans to use that setting to deliver “a brand new online multiplayer experience.”

We don’t know what RDR2 will be like or if it will be anything alike to Grand Theft Auto V which dropped 4 years ago next year, so I came up with a list of things that I will like to see in RDR2.

Amazing Storytelling

Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece and is a love letter to the dying days of the American West in the years leading up to World War I and the “civilized.” landscape that soon embodied the West. The story gave importance to this time and place that we love and are intrigued with.

I have no doubt that Redemption 2 will have a great story,I hope it will deliver another epic and moving tale of the American West and the characters that were in it.

The Native Americans

Now with the rumor and the setting that RDR2 could be a prequel and be set sometime at the end of the 1800s, I would love to see a focus on Native Americans. Depending if RDR2 takes place in the late 1800’s, in the post-antebellum and civil war setting, the game could focus on what occurred with the Native Americans. If the rumors are correct that a Native American War that the character will participate in, this could be interesting.


Grand Theft Auto V was a huge change for Rockstar and for the gaming industry. I suspect that RDR2 will be playable in first person or third person if GTA V is any indication at Red Dead, we don’t know if Rockstar SD is working on it or if Rockstar handed over the reins to Rockstar North ( GTA.) with SD as producing the game, and if the teaser is any hint: We might play as those seven people on the horses and we can switch to seven outlaws on the fly, similar to GTA.

Rockstar has always been a studio that wants to push gaming forward, so being on par with the advancements of GTA is most likely the beginning.

Side Quests

Open world games thrive on side quests and side activities to keep you engaged in the world so you don’t get bored. If the game as some theories say will take place someplace in Northern Texas or “Native American” territory, meaning the Midwest and if that map is indeed real then most likely, the game will take place in Texas and it’s believable that “America’s Heartland.” will have lots  to do.

Theories point that the game takes place sometime around the 1870’s  to the late 1890’s due to the scenery of the trailer, and if that is true the biggest advantage is the setting and the realization of the location. I would love to have an activity that will make you break horses or herd cattle across the Western landscape.

I would love to go on a bounty hunt with the posse and call upon your members of your posse to raid a train or rob a bank, similar to the missions in GTA V.


I loved everything about Red Dead Redemption, that dealt with the singleplayer. I loved the world, I loved the setting, how everything came together to form a love letter to the days of old where outlaws and cowboys ruled the day.

What would you like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. What I was is for it the be called Red Dead Fred!

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