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Letters from the Front



The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been running since 2007, that’s nearly a decade ago until recently when Ubisoft decided to take a break from the franchise and do some revamps and it will return every two years so I decided to finish up Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

For the first time since Assassin’s Creed II, I would like to see where Evie and Jacob goes next in their adventure as the world progresses past the Industrial Revolution. Evie and Jacob are twins who attempt to take back London in 1868 at the height of the Industrial Revolution, they’re the leaders of the Rooks and they hunt down Starrick, eliminating lieutenants ( sounds alot like Mafia III.) ,  along the way and they each gain ground. The story is straightforward and right to the point and during the story, the twins don’t lose their personality which is nice: Evie is a professional and Jacob is a brash rogue, ready to throw it down.  They’re interesting characters.

You can play as either Frye and do their own missions but the bulk of the open world stuff can be done as Jacob or Evie, whoever you fancy or draw the most to. The two protagonist thing works well here and i wish they ( Assassin’s Creed.) do it more often in the coming games, anything that you find or find useful, they can use it. I conquered London as Evie and I conquered the brawls with Jacob, and with my time as Evie: I liked her more then her brother Jacob and one thing I like about both of them is that their aptitudes are based on whatever  you develop for them, it’s almost like growth of a character.



Speaking of growth, there is a progression system in place that has improved since Unity, and it’s very RPG-like which I like. When you’re doing missions for Charles Darwin, and other historical people or if you’re doing the side stuff, you’re constantly leveling up and earning rewards and you spend that XP on something you like, spending XP on skills is the way you level up and like any other game, level up and get better armor and loot. It’s satisfying in a strange way.

Everything in Syndicate is improved, retaking the city street by street returns as it was in Brotherhood, crafting makes a return from Black Flag, and the Helix Rifts also returns from Unity.

The emphasis on trains and technology progressing further then it did ever before  support the atmosphere and mood extremely well . The 1800’s setting of Syndicate is the most beautiful and mesmerizing setting I’ve seen in an Assassin Creed game to date, other then Paris in Unity. Smoke stacks rise to the sky, people singing in pubs, horses and carriages making their way through the crowded streets of London, and using the period’s technology is fascinating.

Syndicate is very familiar and yet adds a renewed spark in Assassin’s Creed and it doesn’t have the stagness and fatigue of the rest of the franchise, Syndicate is one of Assassin Creed’s best games since Black Flag or Assassin’s Creed II.


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