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Letters from the Front


Dead Space led EA through a new phrase of gaming in October 2008. EA wanted new and innovative games and one of those games were Dead Space. Dead Space was a masterpiece in games, and it was hailed as one of the best games of 2008 and of all time, it was such a hit that a trilogy was born and a spin-off titled Dead Space: Extinction which released in 2009 and now, the series is in the dark after Dead Space 3 released three years ago and I believe now is the perfect time to return to Dead Space.

The original Dead Space is a complete masterpiece of a horror game, and it reinvented and reignited the term “Survival Horror.”  and it was a blend of many iconic films and games into one package. It felt very Alien-ish and it was very spooky, it was about a band of characters in the Ishimura which was a derelict space ship above Aegis VII where the crew onboard found a marker and it spelled disaster for the crew of the Ishimura and it spun the ideas of Alien and Event Horizon while it had it’s own lore which was very fascinating. Shooting was akin to Resident Evil 4 but with more agility and mobility, and opened the door to strategic dismemberment that we see in certain games now.

The sequel, Dead Space 2 improved on that and took it to new heights. I truly believe that Dead Space 2 is The Dark Knight of the Dark Knight Trilogy, it’s a masterpiece and it’s beautiful. It took place on the Sprawl which was a space colony on the outer reaches of space near the planet called Titan, controls were tighter and there were more variety in the enemies. Everything was upgraded and all of this made Dead Space even better.

Dead Space came to an end when Dead Space 3 released in February of 2013 and it was one of the first games that was out that year and it was just an overall diaster of my game in my eyes, still enjoyable and good but not as great and a masterpiece of horror that was the 2nd and the original game.


There are rumors out there that say that Visceral Montreal was working on a prototype Dead Space 4 and EA cancelled it after they saw what Dead Space 3 did to the brand and how it was getting mixed reviews which ranged to bad to alright. Dead Space 4 was cancelled and Visceral Montreal was shuttered and Visceral Games, the original creators of Dead Space moved on to Battlefield: Hardline.

So, I hope that one day that Dead Space will be resurrected along with Medal of Honor, but that’s a topic for a different day. The expansion titled “Awakening.” which released for Dead Space 3 doesn’t leave room for a Dead Space 4 so I say: Reboot it.

Reboot Dead Space with a different enemy, different characters, different lore and do everything differently and do it in a way that isn’t just a reskin of the original. Recapture the magic of the first two games, and recapture the ambiance and the scariness of the first two games  and make it a solo experience. Cramped, dimly lit, twisted, and make it a real spookfest that doesn’t come off as cheap. Maybe another derelict spaceship or on a colony that once you arrive, it’s all abandoned and you have to discover what happened only to find terror in the shadows but there are other places that can serve the idea of true horror.

I would like Dead Space 4 to be true horror, almost like P.T, the cancelled Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima and Del Toro. Make it real spooky and make it like it’s a return to a time where Horror wasn’t all shooting and explosions like how it was in Dead Space 3 or the recent Resident Evil games. It shouldn’t be the trend of running away though, have something so I can defend myself from this new threat and expand on the dismemberment.  These new enemies should have a new structure to them, weak spots, a special spot where it’s one and done, and all that and that should make you feel scared.


I feel like all of this should come with a new mystery and new enemy designs. Let’s speak of the new enemy designs, I would like to see some new variety instead of the usual. It should be gross and spooky, and not “traditional” and it should be good designs. It should invoke fear into you.

I would like to see Dead Space 4 take the approach of Alien: Isolation because that game was phenomenal. Perhaps you’re someone working on the ship, like a survivor after the outbreak begins or you’re some sort of parent who was on the ship and you have to find your wife / husband  or son / daughter and escape, or a doctor who visits this place and ends up fighting his or her way out and escape. Horror always thrives on being personal and something you can relate to. A Dead Space reboot would be awesome.

I don’t think that Dead Space should be remembered for Dead Space 3, it should be remembered for what it began and what it did, it reinvigorated the term of “Horror.” and “Survival Horror.”  , it saved Horror before succumbing to the things that it prevented with Dead Space 3.  A Reboot would be so awesome, please make a return Dead Space.

2 comments on “The Future of Dead Space

  1. Personally I’d like to see a similar style of horror game return, but with a new setting and a new IP. Dead Space 3 left a sour taste for me once it turned into a cover based shooter. Anyway, I’d like to see a developer take that style and build something new. I’m all for a return to a series I enjoyed, but I’d love to see something in a new setting.

    1. Physics says:

      That’s what I was implying, but a new IP would be great as well.

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